Conjunction of I and was for I was.
I's about to do that, but he beat me to it.
by Trent Kuver April 23, 2009
Slang term of I'm or I am. Litteral meaning: I is...
TJ: "???"
Mike: "I's so happy! My bro just got Halo 2!"
by Keegan September 17, 2004
What rappers have influenced upon today's society, making children of this generation think it's grammically correct to use "is" in place of "are".
part of a chorus from a rap song:
"Damn Girl
How'd you get all that
IS you talkin to me?
Yeah you"

some random guy trying to act tough: "who the hell IS you?"
by Chelsko March 31, 2007
1. Used when speaking about or labeling the Indica and Sativa ration in marijuana.
2. Abbreviated combination of Indica and Sativa using the first initial of each word to create "IS".
IS - Pronounced "iz"
1. "I picked up a 70/30 IS blend at the dispensary today."
2. Package label reads: 70/30 IS
3. Indica Sativa
by Malice333 November 26, 2014
a word often used in the wrong tense or subject matter
"that depends on what the definition of is, is"
by krispy805 July 31, 2008
Information Systems
High School computer geeks usually go on to lucrative careers in I.S. departments.
by Tom Cumbow January 23, 2004
independent study
i am part of i.s.
by rick June 08, 2003

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