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Together with Scroll Lock, Insert and Pause/Break, SysRq (short for System Request) is one of the atavisms in modern personal computers. Harking back to those optimistic days of innocent enthusiasm when each key had a Purpose, and often a glorious one, these keys now exist merely for backwards compatibility. Yup. Just like Windows.

SysRq - usurp console input from the active program and redirect to the OS shell
Pause - pause running program
Break - stop execution, return to OS shell
Ins - toggle between insert/overwrite text entry modes
I guess Linux still has the "magic SysRq"...
by wayward July 23, 2010
Internet Simplified English (also Internet Stupefied English) is a set of grammatical and spelling rules which aim to aid the mentally impaired people in their everyday Internet communication.
Allen: to all des fools out here u dnt wat a true friend is n if u think u do trust me u dnt
Betty: We don't speak ISE here, Allen.
Allen: ise wot r u talkin about u dumb or sumtn
by wayward March 31, 2007
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