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A deragotory question used to end a argument. Meaning to suggest that somebody leave the inside of a dwelling to go outside where he/she then hides in order to win in the game that nobody else will play in what the feel is a good hiding place and begins masturbating - by themself.
Hey, joe I really enjoyed this wonderful conversation on thermal dynamics, now why don't you go outside and play a game of hide-an-go fuck yourself.
by NapDynoGosh April 24, 2005
1. Explative. (^ga-aw-sh). Denoting astonishment and frustrartion. Initially a self-reflecting moment of suprising negativity associated with term used in context of a frustrating situation in which two opposing forces come in conflict with one another. Astonishment may arise when party a. lacks intelligince, consciousness, presence, physical size, speed or agility, or ability to comprehend from any degree of inteligence a simple dicussion topic, object, concept. Party be lacks the patience and in a fit of rage is forced to use such an explative.
2. Explative conjunction of God and shit. Spoken as a combination of god-shit. Literally meaning the shit of god. Of importance.
Kid: Hey NapDyno wa r u gonna do todow??
NapDyno: Whatever I feel like I wanna do today! Gosh!
by NapDynoGosh April 24, 2005
The ability to live in a world of "what is". presence Living in the Now.
I am therefore I is.
by NapDynoGosh April 24, 2005
Lving in the one singular moment. Elimination from the mind obsessed creation of time. No time. Pure consiousness. Elightenment or heaven by some religions. The vortex of the ying-yang in a three demensional world where "z" represents time
Man that dude's cool. So present. It permeates all.
by NapDynoGosh April 24, 2005
Sho fo "what"
To question somebody when you are so intoxicated that the memory trace cannot even finish firing among synapses. You actually forget how to say the word that taught you so very much.
Wa was I just sayin'?
by NapDynoGosh April 24, 2005
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