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General referential slang for cannabis, harvesting and transporting cannabis, the act of purchasing cannabis, the act of smoking cannabis, or even attempts to remember events after being intoxicated by cannabis.

Also, a test of memory.

Origin: The movie "Super High Me" contains a scene in which Doug Benson is given a small memory test- asked to remember and repeat the words "boat" "cucumber" and "wire". Later in the movie Benson comically says "Cucumber wire boat" after purchasing cannabis.
"Can i get a gram of... cucumber wire boat."

"What did you do last weekend?" "Well, cucumber wire boat."

"Woah, wait, what's going on?" "Cucumber wire boat."
by ?0~ August 24, 2008
the act of paying the check with your credit card and having every one else in your party pay you in cash.

covering a bill and expecting cash or favors in threat of handing out slaps, as would a pimp.

plastic filtering cash

you guys mind if i pimp the bill?

pimping the bill is an okay way to flirt with a waitress.

you gunna raspberry troll this? huh? raspberry troll pimps the bill.

tims gunna pimp this bill.
by ?0~ January 18, 2007
"Cucumber, boat, wire. I still got it."

"We're gunna do that mini-mental status thingy..." "Cucumber, boat, wire?" "Oh no, this time it's completely different."

"Okay, three words: cab avacado brick. Now count back from 100 subtracting 7."
by ?0~ August 24, 2008
One who acts in a way, intentionally or not. that somehow eliminates, irritates, or brings attention to someone who is being a wallflower.

A wallmower is often associated with people who are obtuse, socially inept, or cruel - tho sometimes they are acting in this way to eliminate party weeds.
"Was I just wallmowing? Sorry, I have a habit of talking about people loud enough for them too hear, did I say anything mean?"

"Look at this idiot, just sitting there and being all quiet, what's his deal?!" "Hey, stop, you're being a wallmower!"

"I dont think that's a wall flower, I think it's a party weed." "Hold on, I'll go mow him, but back me up if he Hulks out."
by ?0~ August 20, 2008
One who is currently or does regularly demolish bricks or concrete for a sense of enjoyment or as their employment.

Someone who almost never lies.

Someone who confront most situations with in a straitforward manner, perhaps even aggressively or with a preference to physical expressions over linguistic.

Sometimes used to describe someone as being of low intelligence, high moral standing, one faced, or even homosexual.

Synonym of brute force in computer hacking.

Antonym of brick busker.
"In the movie Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon's character gets a job as a brick buster from Ben Affleck. Some of my old college professors would probably say that is full of homoerotic subtext."

"I never even brought it up, but he stops me and makes us hash it out immediately! What a brick buster!"

"That caveman is such a brick buster!"

"Most men are brick busters. Most women are brick buskers."
by ?0~ August 20, 2008
Closely related to fly on the wall.

In party positions, someone who would be considered a fly on the wall except they are less concerned with the situation at hand, and more concerned with finding any fly on the wall. A spider on the wall's intent could be for benefit, malice, or curiosity.

The more aggressive, attentive or insightful fly on the wall of flies on walls.

Sometimes, one who moves about a party trying to pick up someone who is hardly talking or interacting with anyone.

Synonyms: A wallmower in relation to a wallflower.

Similar to spider on the ceiling, and a toad on the lilly pad.
"She was just sitting there, listening to everything we said, and pretty soon someone was going to notice, so i silently left and sat near her until she got uncomfortable and left the room. Should I follow after her? I guess I'm the spider on the wall."
by ?0~ August 20, 2008
Street performer who uses bricks for feats of dexterity. see busker.

Quick-thinking thief or con man.

Reply artist, excuse artist.

Someone who can quickly respond to any situation or accusation with an appropriate response as to eliminate or postpone the appearance of wrongdoing - including such tactics as acting stupid, using humor, reciprocating the accusation, leaving without response, or even acting deaf. The "brick busker" will take into account the persons involved, what was said, the way it was said, and who and what are around - perhaps even on a subconscious level. Calling someone a "brick busker" is usually met with confusion or misinterpretation.

Having a silver tongue or effective denial when attempting to escape guilt or shame.

Most people have some qualities, or a basic level, of a "brick busker"

A term that communicates more fear than anything else. Most people are honest, and not brick buskers.

Antonym: brick buster, or someone who tells the truth and goes directly at any situation.
"Did you see that mime over there? He was next to that brick busker who almost dropped that middle brick when he tried to throw it really high in the air."

"I snatched up the most expensive tools there, quickly threw them in my bag with the set i brought, but got accused of being a brick busker while i was leaving, so i acted confused and repeated the phrase a few times, getting it wrong usually, and kept on walking out of there."

Watching the tv show The Riches might make someone think they could be a traveller, a grifter, or a brick busker.

"It never occurred to me that he could have been a brick busker, I believed he was my friends cousin or something. I didn't notice anything missing either. Now I feel paranoid. Hopefully everything is kosher. Oh wait, he did match the desciption to a T. He probably wasn't a brick busker."
by ?0~ August 20, 2008