another perversion of the "=" (equal sign/concept)
"NOTHING is equal to anything...oh wait,,, i said is... well i dunno. but how can anything be anything else?! is is not real! i mean.. dammit."
by ?0~ July 06, 2005
It's, like it is (slang term for people who are mentally challenged and cannot pronounce the T in the end of certain words) pronounced Issss, as if a snake were to say it
Yo dog! Is in the Wes coas...
by Mia A December 13, 2005
A word used by niggers to replace the word "are".
Gangsta #1: Yo's imma drink dat koolaid n' a colt 45 nigga

Gangsta #2: You is crazy dawg.
by Whisky Bisky™ July 10, 2008
a high school program for a school in jersey.
also known as CGI,
contains semi-losers with semi-lives.
Most are weirder than the average person,
also smarter :]
those IS kids are freakss <3
by RAiNONMYPARADE<3 October 23, 2007
A smile gone wrong(inverted smile)usually used to define an ulgy person.
"Dam, thats one ulgy IS"
by Blank March 26, 2003

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