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very super mega ultra extreme
DUDE that football game was intense, like indians.
by Melissa :) December 31, 2007
1.Used to emphasize a moment which one deems very "intense" or severe in some way, be it awesome good or bad.

2.Used to describe a very non-severe moment sarcastically.
1. YO! That Roller coaster was SO INTENSE.
YO! That history exam was fucking INTENSE.

2.YO! Blues Clues is SO INTENSE.
by Sanitized October 28, 2007
Like camping! Or the circus.

Also refers to something with a high level of intenseness.
Camping is intense.
by OisinG March 11, 2008
something that is insanely out of controll or extreme in wich is out of the ordinary
look at that intense roller coaster


yo, that shit was intense

by Daniel Cece April 18, 2006
To be amazingly awesome without trying.
Jesse Dishno is an intense skateboarder.

He is also intense at fighting.

He is intense.
by hbchicka October 18, 2010
A burning, incredible sensation. or a hectic moment.
Wow, Jesse Creevey sure is intense. I wish i was as intense as Jesse Creevey.
by DeathLord McJesse March 22, 2009
a word that can be used at the end of almost any sentence. often used to describe an event in which something very big has happened and the only word you reach for is intense. you can always use this word while speechless and someone is looking for a response.
Person 1 - Dude, I totally failed my last bio test and now I'm going to be grounded.

Person 2 - Wow, that's intense.
by EBrog March 11, 2009