a word used to describe the intensity of a moment.
Usually meaning sick, crazy or plain AMAZING
Can also be used as giving head on a plane.
1. Meagan: wow man that was so crazy!
Kathleen: yeeehh! it was intense!

2. Man #1: YO BRO! i got some intense yesterday going to Las Veags
Man #2: NO WAY! was it intense?
Man #1: yeh, it was intense.. in both ways ;]
by Platapussy Saskatoon March 14, 2008
an act of craziness or something out of the ordinary
that was so intense when she did a backflip off the diving board!
by CERAjean April 11, 2008
Used to describe people that try too hard to be "cool", people that try to get attention by doing something "cool", or people that show off or act cocky in a miserable attempt to impress others.
Rick: Look at that intense guy walking around without a shirt on.
Steve: Yeah, he's so intense....

Tran: Why did that guy just speed by us in his piece-of-crap car?
Esteban: Because he's really intense.
by rjc0729 April 18, 2010
1. Something that is extremely impressive and usually something that requires overcoming fear to do.
2. Something that is considered more than unfair.
1. It was extremely intense when she jumped off that bridge with just a bungie cord holding her.
2. The punishment Sue's parents gave her was intense.
by Sylvia_A October 07, 2007

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