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An internet form of a telephone, which is cool in theory. But it is actually filled with men who speak horrible English and ask for naked pictures and want to have phone sex.
"Aloe eez yoo an lesbain? yoo eez on they skype!"

"No, I'm not a lesbian. Please stop calling me, there are children in the room."
by Sanitized July 28, 2008
A slang term for creepy guys who use Skype. They sound Arabic, but they can be from anyplace as long as they have accents which make them sound incomprehensible.

They continuously ask for naked pictures or "cam2cam". If the situation is treated with enough care you can have a chuku on the line for hours with the promises of future naked pictures.
"Aloe, eez yoo be wanteeng oov they seecks?"

"Leave me alone. God there are so many fucking chukus on Skype."
by Sanitized July 28, 2008
1.Used to emphasize a moment which one deems very "intense" or severe in some way, be it awesome good or bad.

2.Used to describe a very non-severe moment sarcastically.
1. YO! That Roller coaster was SO INTENSE.
YO! That history exam was fucking INTENSE.

2.YO! Blues Clues is SO INTENSE.
by Sanitized October 28, 2007

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