A stupid fucking word some music critic coined to describe a band releasing an album via an independent record label. It's not a genre of music, anybody that knows music will tell you that. Indie is the new term for telling people you have sold out.
"Hey man check out these new indie genre bands: LCD Soundsystem and Arctic Monkeys, they will blow your mind" "These bands barely sound alike at all...One is electronic and the other is punk...How can you slot them into the same genre?" "Well you see, I am a fad whore. I must do it."
by Marxnengles December 13, 2008
next time you walk into forever 21 or heritage 1981 I better not hear the sentence:
"this is so indie" fall out of your mouth.
Indie isn't a package of certain clothes, shoes, and bands. Indie is unique. Indie kids are NOT in any way, shape, or form an emo kid. They don't listen to Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Devil Wears Prada, or any of that screamo shit. We prefer to slap on some big headphones with Ben Folds voice ringing in our ears. Classic punk bands will even suit us. Indie kids don't listen to the bands with the crazy straightened hair, colorfully patterned sweatshirts, or scary skin tight leather pants. NO THANK YOU. Indies prefer a nice cardigan, loosely fit skinny jeans, and a comfortable shirt. (NO, ASHLEE SIMPSON ISN'T INDIE!) Indie boys do prefer their hair long, but don't suffocate it with hairspray. Indie girls do sport bangs or side bangs, but don't dye the crap out of their hair and straighten it to death. Also, indie kids wouldn't be caught dead in anything emo-related, such as hello kitty, skelanimals, or anything sold at Hot Topic. Urban Outfitters is a pretty indie store, but as soon as all the emos take it over, the indies are moving on to something better. Unlike emo/scene kids Indie kids are not OBSESSED over myspace. Yeah we probably have one, but don't have a "whore code" or on a "train". Max adds don't tempt us, if someone adds us, then sure, I'll accept, and we won't deny because they don't have a lip piercing and never talk to them because they're not "emo" enough. Please, we're all fed up with the emo myspace whores selfishness and vanity. Indies are selfless and honestly, most of then i know, think they're pretty ugly but are confident nonetheless. Now if you're some pathetic scene kid looking up indie, because you think it'd be cool to be one. Press home and continue being the unoriginal person you are.
Indie poser: I just saw Nick and Norah's infinite play list and i know all the bands in the movie and no one else did. I'm so Indie. Seriously, give me a name of any band, and I'll know it.

Indie Elite: Really? If so, then do you know the Fiery Furnaces?

Indie Poser: err no.

Indie Elite: Deerhoof?

Indie Poser: no.....

Indie Elite: Snowden?

Indie Poser: Nope. But I do listen to Damien Rice.

Indie Elite: *walks away*
by whoaaa annie. October 05, 2008
Short for independent.
Thanks to social norms and media, indie is overlooked from what it stands for.
indie boy: Hey, check me out cool eh?
me: Err..scarves,vintage tees,shades and polaroids your idea of indie?
indie boy: Yea its hip right?
me: right......

by Guy with DID August 05, 2008
pretty much just cooler than you.
indie kid: hey, im cornelius.
jock: what a dumb name.
indie kid: your mother...
jock: what?
indie kid: ...had sex with me last night.
jock: ...what?
indie kid: *swoops off to go listen to department of eagles and think about how crazily he just pwned the jock*
by misguiidedghost July 15, 2010
Nothing that can be defined. It's a stereotype for those without one. Indie (independt) people are themselves and nothing else. Someone who's indie can shop wherever they want not just your local thrift store or no name record store. They can go to Hottopic or Ambercrombie and still be indie. They don't have a dress code. They don't have a style. They're just them.
A true Indie Will listen to SHFUX (yes that's a real band) and Good Charlotte, because they're truly independt and don't care what others think.
by Speak13270 August 30, 2008
A lighter form of rock, the rock that is the opposite of emo.
Jason Castro usually performs Indie style music.
by Er!n May 10, 2008
Independent music.
Indies are generally either the best or worst people you'll ever meet.
indie kids do their own thing. They listen to obscure unheard of music because they're different and only think of pleasing themselves with their music taste.

emo kid - have u heard angels and airwaves? they rock
normal kid - um no
emo kid - aw ur a loser i cant even look at you chav

normal kid - hey i got the angels and airwaves album
emo kid - cool ur such an emo

emo kid - have you got the angels and airwaves album?
indie kid - no i prefer the long blondes
**********mutual stare of hatred************
indie - like the long blondes, dirty pretty things, the young knives, the guillemonts, dead disco, the like, the raconteurs, the harrisons etc
by Indiegirl4ever October 30, 2006
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