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An individual that wears only vintage, old skool and thrift store clothing; also customises their items of clothing with studs, laces, gems, etc.
That girls so indie! I've never seen a jacket like that before.
by riddledskater January 03, 2012
Generally considered to be what the emos of years gone by have grown up into, and with it recieving the same ignorant hatred etc, "Indie" simply refers to Independent Music, i.e. music which hasn't been signed to a label. Of course some people try to fit into this by "being" Indie, but really it's not something you can be. Such people typically have floppy, greasy hair, wear silly jumpers, chinos and vans and usually suffer from delusions of grandeur and smoke inexpensive roll ciggarettes whilst talking about how individual and different they are. Whilst not truely Indie, these people have come to earn the term "Indie" a bad name and with it have ruined anyone who happens to enjoy that type of music innocently, without being a pretentious poser.
My friends and I were discussing our Musical taste one evening in the pub when some Indie posers came over and started telling us how much cooler they are than us. Naturally, we told them to go get haircuts and come back once they'd washed.
by tell it like it is really July 29, 2011
some lame people came up with a label for being an individual and somehow managed to relate it to independent music which is stupid because independent isn't a genre. I know I know. you really believe it is. since when are independent rap artists and independent rock bands under the same category? get lives.
normal person: what kind of music do you listen to?
moron who wishes he was indie: oh I'm into bands of the independent persuasion
normal person: oh okay. so have you ever heard of 'you are a sadass liar'?
moron: not since they went mainstream. what a bunch of pathetic sellouts.
normal person: yeahhh.
by bexox August 17, 2006
The type of guy that Nicole Chillingworth likes. Tends to be otherwise known as gay, loserish, fruity, and plays the guitar. Most girls would know this person as someone you want to refrain from being seen talking to.
Hanging out with Indies is basically social suicide, and Nicole Chillingworth freely chooses to get with them.
by Randy Corefour October 03, 2010
Not the guy that looks like the short-stack drummer. The term "indie" simply means individual, and the people following the 'indie scene' are posers trying too hard.

Indie music consist of bands like Muse, Arctic Monkeys...mainly weird english bands.
-dude, you look like the short-stack drummer!

-nah man, i'm just indie

by jack.whitney.is.gay July 04, 2010
The hippest way of being hipster.

You're so hip that you can't call yourself a hipster (because hipster is soooo mainstream) so you call yourself indie.

Typical indies can be seen sporting their AE hoodies, invisible children bracelets, and toms as they spend hours studying for their next AP Government Exam.

Indies listen to music similar to that of hipsters but include bands they make up on their own, such as the Rotten Tomatoes. Some indies don't even listen to "bands" and have moved on to a totally different genre of music that isn't real but is conceptual and psychologically based.
I don't care if Colin is a hipster, because Abby and Cory are indie, thus making them ten times cooler.
by C0RYG0LDM4N November 08, 2010
Music that is gay.

Music made by queer looking skinny kids that wear square framed glasses and knit caps during the summer.

Basically trend whores that claim to be 'independant' but the phrase itself is a category.

All things indie, FAIL AT LIFE.
Indie kid: "We turned down Roadrunner Records because we are indie."

Me: "No, you turned them down because you're a moron."
by C. O. Jones July 04, 2010