Originally meaning music that was released by bands on independent labels, "indie" has now come to represent music released by the majors, but marketed towards students and adults who should know better.
Tarquin thought he was cool, because he read the NME, and had heard of a few 'obscure' indie bands. Everyone else thought he should wash more often.
by Darkness Fish February 09, 2005
A misunderstood joke in the disguise of a "subculture". Really, Indie is a nostalgic trend that consists of black rimmed glasses, tight jeans, and God forbid those goddamned Red Beanies. In a nutshell, Indie is a derived term from the term "indie rock" where kids who aren't puss enough to be emo but too puss to skate.
Have you seen those Indie Kids with their tight jeans and red beanies? Damn they're stupid.
by Ike Furam May 17, 2009
Indie is the most boring version of rock ever to been played throughout Europe.
Indie-fans mostly wear second hand clothes and weird army caps.
they also tend to dance by simply going a step forth and then a step back, repeating the whole process for about 8 hours, or untill their club closes.
While still being just some spoiled middle-/upper-class-kids, they think of themselfes as being different of any other consumers (which they are not).
People who Listen to indie are always of caucasian background. there has never been any asian, african, southamerican Indie-fan or Indiegroup.
Indie-fans only like music that is the washed out and never contains anything more then the Amaj Cmaj Gmin Dmin Emin chords, or a slight deviation of those chords
If Indie were Food it would be a soup cooked just with water and flour with neither spices nor salt, also someon wood have spitted in that soup....
They Whole Indie Music focusses on music that takes all energy out of Rock leaving you with a boring -completly paralyzed brother of rock and roll
Bottom line INdie is mucialy speaking the most boring stuff on the world
just ask the kids who always look down on you and look like they have eaten a whole package of sleeping pills and find everything cute what they listen to
and u get a good picture of waht indie is
by AlternativeMyAss April 17, 2009
indie is a subculture founded on being free... having a mind of your own, most indie kids fall into it by being considered strange or eccentric by most stern right wings..

its driven by love...and such.....well im sleepy
"beth" omg let talk to that gargling microwave..
"dan" no its got a tad of zebra vomit on it not fuhn..
"beth" well lets play some neutral milk hotel to it and see how it gargles
*aero plane over the sea* blast out toward the sad gargling microwave*
"dan" wow this indie shit is tickling its fancy!!!
by stiles February 11, 2008
short for independant
used to define a joint you rolled that you aint sharing...cuz sharing's for losers
we rolled some indies for the drive
by fackoff September 26, 2007
Not actually a musical genre. Stems from the meaning of independent labels, which can apply to any REAL musical genre, from punk to metal and their subgenres, to underground hip hop etc. Bands such as Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, The Academy Is, etc, are/were commonly labeled as Indie, but most bands that commonly fall into the "indie" label are actually just as easily (and correctly) labeled as art-rock or experimental.

Indie kids, however, are generally pretentious, stuck up (and by no means more educated/intelligent than anyone falling into another social group) copy-cats that think they know everything about music, movies, life, etc. One commonly sees them dressed up in earth tones with suspenders, sporting such "outdated" fashions as corduroy, and those slanted hats commonly associated with grandfathers and old-school newspaper boys.
indie labels: anything that is not funded/ran by large corporations and multinational businesses, even more popular labels such as Epitaph and Fat Wreck-Chords would be considered independent labels


Indie kid 1: "Hey Chuck, did you hear that new Arcade Fire CD?"

Indie kid 2: Uh, James, Arcade Fire sold out man, they aren't indie. But those are some nice suspenders you have. Let's philosophize about the affect of cheese on society."
by Ken W March 27, 2007
"Indie" has become a vague term. It stands for a type of music, a type of lifestye, and even a whole "look".

The Type Of Music:Independantly recorded, on the mellow side(unknown, independant recorded:hip-hop/hardcore/emo bands are <b>not</b> Indie!)

The Look: The Indie look is all about vintage. That means thrift stores, T-shirts of obscure/old bands,Blazers (you wear it over the T-shirt) ripped/tight jeans, shaggy hair, big sunglasses.(think The Strokes. The Strokes lifestyle before becoming famous was the epitome of Indie, they owned nothing that was made after 1980, they were slumming in new york apartments, and some were heavily into Heroin)

The Lifestyle: Most "Indie" kids are: White. Drive old cars. Live together in rented out, very old homes/or shitty apartments, and are extremely poor and slumming. Many indie kids are heavy into drugs. Indie kids are very exclusive with who they choose to hang out with, and sometimes form "Crews". Indie kids sometimes listen to Gangster Rap, sort of as a joke. (haha)

Some bands that have the "Indie" sound, but are technically not Indie because of their popularity are: The Shins, Rooney, Modest Mouse, Hot Hot Heat, The Strokes. Etc.
Type Of Music: <i>Sean</i>:My bands going on tour soon
<i>groupie</i>:oh really? is anything you play on the radio?
<i>Sean</i>:Hell no..we're Indie fuck corporate radio, we're all about the music, not the popularity or money!

The Look: <i>Sean</i>: Fuck I just got a dope ass tweed Blazer at Savers for 10 bucks! I'm gonna wear it over my Deathcab For Cutie shirt!
<i>groupie</i>You're Soo INdie<33!

The Lifestyle: <i>Sean</i>: My parents are filthy rich.. but I moved out into an old ass apartment with 3 friends, we dont have a computer or TV, we get fucked up all day and work just enough to get by, we play guitar and make out with girls that have shaggy hair. We're soo indie!
by _tweed_bizzle_ February 16, 2005

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