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the lead singer of the maine, the best band. ever. john cornelius o'callaghan, but to his fans, john ohh. if said like "john..ohh!" it sounds like you're having sex. and who wouldn't want sex with john ohh?!
Jonas Brothers fan girl: Who is John Ohh?
Beautiful perfect The Maine fan: you're a fucking nuthead. i'm not even going to tell you.
Jonas Brothers fan girl: please?!
The Maine fan: john, ohh!

Jonas Brothers fan girl: you sound like you're in orgasm. ohmigawd nick jonas!
The Maine fan: you're a fucktard.
by misguiidedghost July 09, 2010
pretty much just cooler than you.
indie kid: hey, im cornelius.
jock: what a dumb name.
indie kid: your mother...
jock: what?
indie kid: ...had sex with me last night.
jock: ...what?
indie kid: *swoops off to go listen to department of eagles and think about how crazily he just pwned the jock*
by misguiidedghost July 15, 2010

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