A videogame or videogame company that has a small budget and is often obscure. The few companies that actually have the shit to take risks and make a completely different game.
Many Flash/Java games are indie games.
by impeachgod August 01, 2006
Indie is a genre of music, it stands for independent rock. In terms of music it would be independent of major labels/mainstream stuff. It's nothing like emo or scenester. Indie can get through a whole song without screaming random words so loud that your throat is red and bleeding or of course crying. Which is the two things emo songs can't do, even if they tried..
Indie Kid: Do you have any Bright Eyes posters?

Shop Assistant: No, but we do have Trivium and Cradle of Filth.

Indie Kid: Do I look like a fucking emo to you?!
by The New Improved Emily May 09, 2006
The word "indie" can not be defined, depicted, or described. It has no meaning. Which makes it even more indie.
Dude, look at this girl's tumblr! She's so indie!
That is the most ambiguous statement I've ever heard.
by HowIndie? November 10, 2010
The definition of Irony.

Originally 'Indie' referred to the independent music industry, now it's a label of people.

try hard indie fags in their truest form:
laneways drinking coffees
vintage stores
at gigs all the time
will usually wear fugly clothes because it's individual
bag other people for being indie
are the best at giving people the greasy
polaroid pictures are a must
doc martens
ripped tights
jumpers from the 80's
ecentric hair pieces
wayfarer sunglasses
etc etc etc
Paul: -sits down drinking coffee rolling a ciggy-
Peter: 'Omg you're so indie!'
Paul: 'shuddup i am not!' -loves the attention and name calling-
by Yolanda BeCool June 14, 2010

Mutated Preps who have diverged from the "mainstream." Any popular music, art, literature, etc. is automatically dismissed as "mainstream"--even stuff that is slightly popular. Unfortunately, all they have succeeded in doing is branching off and establishing their own separate mainstream.

Indie isn't necessarily considered a genre of music and it's hard for Indie folks to define anything about themselves, because they're so self-righteous and stoned all the time. There is, of course, music of "Indie" and it strives to relinquish itself of any themes or messages that can be found among "goth" listeners, "metalheads," "emos," etc. They think they're "above" everyone else, because they have overcome their "dark" emotions--but what they don't realize is that there is NO SUCH THING as "bad" feelings or emotions; only bad ATTITUDES to emotions--which is precisely what they have.

Indie folks assert that they are "happy" but it is a pretentious and lofty sort of happiness that reeks with pride. If you display any sort of emotional instability in their presence or listen to music that they don't like, you're almost immediately severed from their circle of friends.

If there is one good thing about Indie, however, it's that they give some power to the underground scene and that they are generous with their weed--alas, you cannot smoke with them without hearing their political rants and speeches on how the world ought to be like them.
Indie folks = Gypsy Preps, Neo-Hippies,

Some shitty Indie "trance" song: "So I got on my bicycle and rode around"
by Trickster Lavane July 26, 2009
FFS! can people stop calling killers and snow patrol indie!!!!!!!!

the only mainstream indie band is arctic monkeys. and thats only cos they originated from real indie stuff.

modern indie bands: the films, llibertines, babyshambles, maximo park.

pete doherty is the perfect indie, he's likable yet doesnt get on with anyone and is himself.

indie music has meaningful lyrics, yet isnt depressing like emo.

if you have any idea wat good music is, you'l love indie.

although this definition didnt actually say what indie is; there is a reason for that. indie isnt anything, its just people or music being watever it wants to be and not caring what anyone else thinks of that.

if you have a problem with this definition, email me yeah?
no example cos indie is whatever.
by OllieT, dont label me. June 06, 2007
Emily Brierly
I love your ill-fitting knitted jumper, it's so indie, Emily Brierly would so wear that.
by frnjdnjgtjgkg December 07, 2012
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