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A fancy looking brick.
I bought a $600 paperweight today. Some people like to call it an iPhone.
by rtil July 14, 2008
A less awesome version of the Blackberry cellphone that will break down every five seconds and makes you pay for every piece of software upon it.
iPhone user: "OMGOMG. Look at the ttly-awweeesome app I just got on my iPhone!"
Blackberry user: "...What does it do...?"
iPhone user: "It helps me track Miley Cyrus's exact movements through GPS. Isn't it Keeeewl."
Blackberry user: "STFU. I'm off to a buisness lunch with Chuck Norris."
by Mimi. March 14, 2009
a noun. the next breed of species on this Earth.

can do just about anything (except to have babies. it does not have an anus or a vagina, sorry, not yet).
"hey, do you have an iPhone?"
"no, but soon, an iPhone will have me!"
by dontdothattwice May 17, 2009
the biggest peice of shit ever made. Its horrible touch screen mixed with way to many horrible features such as you tube and "Internet" provides a new way for twelve year old girls to text as if on a computer and look up Porn without their parents catching them. Might be the worst gift a parent could give to their child. And not to mention that it goes for 600 dollars
Douche/twelve year old girl- man the iphone frickin pwns newbs man! Ur samsung is affordable, reliable and has a battery life longer than ten minets but its still shitty cuz u can't go on myspace in class or text like aim! And I'm gangsta cuz my parents get my spoiled ass useless and expensive shit like this.

Person who is not a mindless conformist bastard- wow! I hate u now! U think taking scantily clad egg sized tits and putting them straight onto ur myspace is fun dont you? I thought so.

Douche/twelve year old girl- your totaly right I should get my head out of my ass and grow up thank you!
by Benatar pirate June 10, 2008
an absolutely WORTHLESS piece of junk filled with crap that you really dont want in your frickin phone
Hey wassup?

Dude, wtf is that?

Its my iPhone but i cant hear you cuz im listenin to music

Why would you want a phone with music when you could buy and ipod video for at least half the price?

umm....i dont know....
by themostamazingbrian May 16, 2008
Probably the most overrated phone of 2007. Its like jamming a computer into a phone basically. And whats funny is retards actually camped out to get one of these.
Yo im going camping at bestbuy to get the iphone yo WHEN THEY ONLY HAVE 2 IN STOCK!
by BL1NX August 05, 2007
A great phone, but incredibly over-hyped by Apple-worshiping fanboys. While it is a very good phone, they will claim it is better than any other phone and proceed to call your phone lame. The Iphone will get a "new" feature that previous smartphones have had for years, and Apple will call it "Another Innovation" and charge you an extra 50 dollars for it. The Iphone is trapped on ATT's terrible network, and cant make a call without losing service.

While it is a very competitive smartphone, there are plenty of phones that outclass it such as the HTC Evo 4g the Motorola Droid, or the Samsung Epic. When you ask an iphone user why there phone is better, they will likely give you a response akin to "Because its an iphone".
Bob: "Hey Steve i just got an HTC Evo"

Steve: "Big freaking deal, i have an iphone"

Bob: "Oh yeah? What makes it better?"

Steve: "Its an iphone!"
by crossbowsftw December 20, 2010