The iPhone was once the best thing since sliced bread. Now it's a joke. Everyone and their grandma believes the iPhone is the most incredible phone in the world. Stuck-up bitches look at their boyfriend's iPhone and love it and brag about their boyfriend's iPhone and then the next second complain about the phone bill and everything. They do not have common sense to understand what the phone was really made for and WHO it was made for...intelligent people. But it doesn't matter now, because the iPhone sucks now.

Want a good phone? Consider a Windows Phone for a simple yet always evolving phone that is easy to use and has Xbox Live built-in and Zune. Consider a low-end Android device if you just want an okay phone. Consider a high-end Android device if you want some good shit!

Don't get an iPhone because the fanboys will attack you...
"Is that an iPhone?"
"How many gigabyte does it have?"
"32 gigabytes..."
"OMG, that is like soo big..."
"That's what she said..."
"Yeah I thought so..."

This is an example of fanboys surrounding you and your iPhone, ater prolonged exposure to fanboys Your mind begins to deteriorate and you start acting like the above to women because you can't stand them annoying you asking the same damn questions!
by Sionic Ion March 02, 2011
A brick with a touch screen that claims it's a phone even though we all know everyone uses it for anything but calling people,
includes braindead games, listening to music, watching youtube videos, and taking pictures, because that's what phones were made
iPhone Fanboy: LOLz OMGsh did u see the new iPhone? i got it and i play all da gamesh all day!
Normal Guy: ...You realize that anything you can do on the iPhone you can do on other devices like a computer or camera?
iPhone Fanboy: ur jusht jealous cuz u dont have 1!
by OhGodWhyAmIEvenHere July 23, 2013
an overpriced piece of shit
Steve: I just bought the new Iphone!
Carol: That overpriced piece of shit?
Steve: I should've just bought a Nokia.
by patolaa March 07, 2014
A phone that seems over-rated and foolish, until you buy it and realize you wasted $400 more than you had to, only to come addicted to a tiny screen all day and you know that it's definitely over-rated.
PersonA:I'm gonna go buy a new phone.

PersonB:You better not buy an iPhone.

PersonA:nahh I don't have money for that.

*two hours later*


by An iPhone owner October 20, 2013
a sex toy if you turn the volume off to vibrate. tee hee
mommy used the iPhone last night
by jack my ripper June 25, 2014
A Cellphone, MP3 player and GPS locator in one, highly over priced and over hyped. Which attracts all the apple fan boy fags that are willing to pay out the ass for that stupid little apple logo on their cell phone or new computer. Which Macs by the way are not high performance gaming machines, so if you are planning to buy a mac for gaming you are a n00b.
Apple Fag: Wow, I just paid $400 for an Iphone, aint it awesome?
Non Apple Fag: I only paid $30 after $50 mail in rebate and I got a Sprint PDA phone with internet browser and GPS, and MP3 player like yours using an SD slot, but I can also take and send pictures which yours cant. You got ripped off man. Apple is crapple.
by forwardbias June 22, 2009
Pretty much the stupidest portable gadget ever made. It has only one button and everything else is operated by the touch screen. It's an way of identifying retards. It can also be a tissue.
John: Yo, Mike, we're going to a nightclub to get some action. You bring the condoms?

Mike: No, I have my iPhone

John: Piss off.
by Nimja January 18, 2014

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