Random guy: Hey I got my new iphone
Me: Oh you mean the phone that is just now adding features that every other phone had like 5 years ago? What a piece of shit!
by Daddy Long Dong October 15, 2014
A fancy looking brick.
I bought a $600 paperweight today. Some people like to call it an iPhone.
by rtil July 14, 2008
The phone created by Apple Inc. It was designed in California, but the phone itself although popular, is a piece of sh*t that sucks major donkey balls. Coined the iSuck by some people because it sucks. The phone is a smartphone that runs on iOS software. The current version is the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, at $199 and $299, respectively. The iPhone 6 Plus is about 3/4 the size of an iPad mini, and is bendable. The iPhone 6 is smaller, but still a phablet. The Samsung galaxy note 3 and note 4 are big-ass phones as well, but you can do way more sh*t on them. For instance, on the note 4, you can literally have 2 apps open on the screen. I must give Apple credit for making the emoji library more defined than the emojis on android, but it doesn't even out the score. For 💩's (sh*t's) sake, get an android phone. You will thank me later. Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion, but don't say I didn't warn you…
Apple maniac: Didya get the new iPhone? It's amazing with… um… uhhhh—
Android supporter: NOTHING! I thought so.
by CityKid123 February 21, 2015
An overly popular invention that has infected not only the minds of Millennials and younger, but especially young females and teenage girls. In this modern day and age, if you walk into a public school, airport, or any busy place, chances are very likely that you will see more females using an iPhone -- either checking Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, taking photos/videos of themselves and posting them on said websites, playing games, or just holding it for no apparent reason -- than males.

Along with the iPad, the iPhone is known for becoming every modern young child's "pet toy" when they are away from their residence, and is replacing what has existed in life since the days of yore: books, newspapers, magazines, and even television.
Traditionalist Person: Can't you keep your iPhone in your purse? I can't stand seeing you carry it in your hand all the freaking time!
by nughettorund December 10, 2015
A $600 paperweight.
Did you see my iPhone?
by squeakshard765 January 02, 2015
Tool that restricts you in one or multiple ways, but since said tool is considered the norm, you have to use it anyway since no other tool can outperform it.

"Whats the iPhone to you?"


"The iPhone is like that belt that looks good, but the belt feels tight. I wear it knowing that it feels tight and i don't want to get another belt to replace it and it must look good because its supposed to.


"That's exactly how I feel"
by rrmm August 21, 2012
a worthless piece of shit for a wanna be windows mobile user.

only 2 kinds of people in this world have an iPhone:
1) Fags
2) Fags
hey look at me i have an iPhone, im a wanna be pussy who likes taking large penis in the ass!
by iphoneSucksDonkeyBalls January 12, 2010

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