The tubular new technologicly advanced cell phone brought to you by the great folks at Apple and Cingular ;D
HOLY FUCKING SHIT RADIOACTIVE MAN! i just paid 600 bucks for that new i-phone!
by Joe definesalot May 04, 2007
A great phone, but incredibly over-hyped by Apple-worshiping fanboys. While it is a very good phone, they will claim it is better than any other phone and proceed to call your phone lame. The Iphone will get a "new" feature that previous smartphones have had for years, and Apple will call it "Another Innovation" and charge you an extra 50 dollars for it. The Iphone is trapped on ATT's terrible network, and cant make a call without losing service.

While it is a very competitive smartphone, there are plenty of phones that outclass it such as the HTC Evo 4g the Motorola Droid, or the Samsung Epic. When you ask an iphone user why there phone is better, they will likely give you a response akin to "Because its an iphone".
Bob: "Hey Steve i just got an HTC Evo"

Steve: "Big freaking deal, i have an iphone"

Bob: "Oh yeah? What makes it better?"

Steve: "Its an iphone!"
by crossbowsftw December 20, 2010
an absolutely WORTHLESS piece of junk filled with crap that you really dont want in your frickin phone
Hey wassup?

Dude, wtf is that?

Its my iPhone but i cant hear you cuz im listenin to music

Why would you want a phone with music when you could buy and ipod video for at least half the price?

umm....i dont know....
by themostamazingbrian May 16, 2008
A phone/iPod made by Apple that looks good, so people shell out $600 for it. It doesn't have any actual new technology, and there are several phones that do all the iPhone can do and more for cheaper, but the iPhone is shiny and advertised all the time, so people buy it instead.
Guy 1: I just bought a new iPhone, isn't it awesome?!
Guy 2: Nothing I haven't seen before.. why'd you waste the cash?
Guy 1: Didn't need anything else.
Guy 2: You didn't need that either.
Guy 1: Good point.
by Kritias July 03, 2007
A ridiculously over-priced and large (4.5×2.4×0.46 in) phone/camera/media player created by Apple. There is much demand and hype surrounding its release due to its big shiny screen, however once consumers discover its flaws- extremely large, easily-damaged optical screen, pathetic 2MP camera, non-renewable battery, its inability to take videos, it will fail like the first generation iPod.
Do not be another slave to consumerism and buy a iphone, do something more productive with your money.
by DylanBK June 30, 2007
it's cool for like a week, but it gets boring. the internet is cool, the texting sucks, the email is cool, no aim, no video, just a camera. For a 400-500 dollar you would expect these simple things, but Jobs got lazy, faggot. Anyway, youse your money on a Blackberry or Sidekick Lx. I've had a iPhone before, theyre not that great, TRUST ME. Theyre just flashy and good looking. So save your money, SERIOUSLY! P.S. NO INSURANCE.
Sup bro, you go that new iphone?
-Yup, its cool, just missing hella shit.
-Oh, my blackberry is hella sick, i can do everything, including aim
by Technique. June 14, 2008
A ticket towards bragging rights amongst all white people, because it contains to functions that all white people love:
Angry Birds and an iPod.
Don't be fooled by the Phone part of the name, nobody actually uses it as a phone.
Guy 1: Hey man! Just got an iPhone!
*Guy 2 bows down on hands and knees*
by Autumn Tsunami November 07, 2011

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