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A term describing a heavy technical item which no longer works and could easily be replaced.
"My computer's a total paperweight at the minute."
by Mr Ben February 08, 2005
62 22
When someone is peeing and places their balls on their shorts or boxers to keep them down, acting as a paperweight.
JK: When you pee do you whip out your balls too?
BS:Yeah but i place them on my shorts to keep them down.
JK:So you just paperweight it?
by MrFeeney August 09, 2008
57 21

A small, heavy, often decorative object that is placed on loose papers to hold them down.

A common name for a Mac or any other useless computer.
Buy a PC and get rid of that paperweight.
by Emre August 13, 2004
43 29
When you take a monster sized shit on a coworkers desk.

It is similar to a cargoyle.
Tony was a being a total ass today, so I left him a massive paperweight. I hope the stink seeps into his desk and never goes away
by ThatGuy19120382018317 January 24, 2011
16 4
See Macintosh or PS3
This mac is the best paperweight $5000 can buy...
by Darkv1 April 19, 2007
54 46
A slang term for bras knuckles
Yes, Id like to buy a pair of paper weights
by Drifter4 January 05, 2008
4 3
1.a useless or broken piece of equipment, especially electronic equipment

2. a serious student
The printer turned out to be a paperweight.
by The return of Light Joker January 20, 2011
2 13