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the best phone ever made, no joke this phone can play music, watch videos, surf the web, take pictures, run android, check mail, it can do works, many think that it is possible to "beat" the iphone but sadly it's been the best phone in the world since 2007 .
Harold: dude guess what
Leo: what ?
Harold: I have a fucking iPhone
Leo: i am so fucking jealous
by somedudeyo January 15, 2011
25 46
A very interestingly innovative device developed and created my Apple. It sports one button while everything else is controlled by the high resolution touch screen. It can do just about anything that any other cell phone can do such as internet, text messaging, etc. The iPhone is the first phone to have a media player (iTunes) as the synchronizing software for contacts as well as the music. The iPhone also has more applications than the Russians had people back in WW2.The iPhone is now available in 3G but only available for AT&T. AT&T charges more to use the iPhone than to use a data hogging HTC which makes absolutely no sense and is very unfair to those who favor Apple's product. Granted the AT&T customer service is good which is where Apple seems to be lacking in. The iPhone is one of the only new generation phones (for the price anyway) that can not do media messaging but is overcome by using e-mail as a loophole, can not do video (seriously why do cells have cams anyway), and has a glass screen (sorry guys it breaks pretty easily). The only true con this device has is possibly the battery. Battery life becomes terribly short even after a few months and is expensive to replace.

In summarization, the iPhone is a nifty all-in-one media device (this device is NOT recommended as a business phone so get a Blackberry or Palm) with a really clean OS and lots of features. It supports 3G and gets good coverage through AT&T. Just beware AT&T's high deposits and monthly payments. The device itself has a decent price so you can buy it and unlock it for use on other GSM services (T-Mobile!!). Just beware the glass screen and the battery life.
Check it out I got the iPhone 3G!
by sirkillalot44 May 09, 2009
19 40
The phone the "rich kids" or "Paris Hiltons" use. You know, the ones that think they're "Too hot for you" or those who are smart people.
The collaboration of "iPhone".

Paris Hilton: Yeah, I got this iPhone... and this BlackBerry... iPhone... yeah!

Jessica Simpson: Hey y'all, iPhone, hillbillies, adurr.

That Rich Kid That Goes To Your School: I have this iPhone. It is Brilliant! (Note: Within 10 seconds, he got beaten up by 78 people and died, never heard from again)
by Wee Beasties April 25, 2008
27 48
A phone that's great if you absolutely LOVE having greasy fingerprints smeared all over the screen.
Dammit, I have to clean off my iphone again!! Why didn't I just get a REAL phone?!
by FuriousFanny November 27, 2007
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It was a thing of the future when it came out. Now it's an overmarketed paper weight that sucks the soul out of the common user. It is now a thing of the past. The majority of iphone users can't even afford the phone or the monthly bill but they will get it because it's an apple product.
Customer: So I heard that the new iphone 4s does voice to text, has a dual core processor, and an 8 mega pixel camera, is that correct?

Sales rep: That is absolutely correct, Apple finally put all the stuff in their phone that Android already had. It's behind the curve.

Customer: I don't care I want an Iphone!
by tacobell3324 January 22, 2012
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the most amazing piece of technology of the 21st century. Revolutionized the way people access emails, use the web, send text messages.....oh, and it has those stupid little apps that we spend hours on, lol.
Lady #1: My husband just bought me an iPhone 4
Lady #2: Oh yeah? How do you like it?
Lady #1: It's AMAZING....I love it.
Lady #2: And.....how does HE like it?
Lady #1: Hmmmmmm, not so much! He's a Droid man!
by JPEditMan October 24, 2011
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God is still waiting for his special "B.C." Edition when Apple finds a way to deliver it to him.
God: Still waitin' for that iPhone, Apple. . .
by C-Jopolis March 31, 2011
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