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a neon-colored, light blue fruity tasting very hard liquor; can be mixed with rum.
I got 3 shots of that hypnotic and I was out.
by hypnaddict October 25, 2003
The miss-spelled version of the blueish alcoholic drink that is a blend of vodka, cognac, and tropical juices. It is really spelled hpnotiq.
AIMBuddy1: I'm about to get some hypnotic do you want anything?

AIMBuddy2: It's spelled hpnotiq you idiot.
by rc49 October 04, 2005
The ability of an individual to make people stop in their tracks and stare.
Her outfit was hypnotic, all of the guys were staring as if hypnotized.
by Alton Nelson December 31, 2003
Popularised by the life and times of internet celebrity hypnotic4502, "hypnotic" is slang for a 35+ year old male who is going absolutely no where in life and, due to this, spends the majority of his time on the internet.
Common traits of "hypnotics" include: having horrible taste in music, having an internet girlfriend (who dumps him within the month for being clingy), and writing essay length trolls that nobody reads on various subjects such as religion.
That guy certainly is a hypnotic! He must lead a particularly pathetic life.
by HotBallsJohnson August 07, 2006
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