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Originating from the word home boy. People you grew up with. Trusting them and having faith in them.
Come on homey, you can't touch this!
by Nocturne September 04, 2004
The fondest of friends.
Term of endearment towards another to signify closeness.
Hey you will always be my homey.
by Justice October 15, 2002
your best buds to just hang with; the people you would trust with your life
yo homey, let's get high
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
Retarded spelling of "homie"
A: How's it going, homey?
B: It's "homie" you idiot.
by theyst December 05, 2012
The clown played by Damon Wayans on the show "In Living Color". Homey, better known as Homey da Clown, was a released convict trying to work off certain debts. He was best known for his catchphrase, "Homey don't play that".
Brat: Make a baloon animal, Homey.

Homey: Give me a dollar!
by Mr. Sexington June 01, 2006
The boys, the ones you not only like, but trust.
You homeys got my back, right.
by J November 16, 2002
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