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the crazy english version off "hooray"
english dude 1: i say winston, lets go fetch some tea and crumpets.
winston: Huzzah!
by Brittnah March 07, 2004
925 193
Used to express joy, encouragement, or triumph.

1. A shout of "huzzah."
2. A cheer.
"Th'dragon is dead! Th'Knights o'th'Round killed'm, they did!"
And a rousing "Huzzah!" arose from the gathered masses.
by Joseph Tek Fox March 25, 2003
513 170
Used primarily, it seems, in the middle ages, it is/was used to express joy.
Ye olde renaissance fair is in towne! huzzah!
by Hanami September 18, 2003
419 181
exclaimation of joy or happiness
"Huzzah! That was awesome!"
by Kait U. August 29, 2005
219 99
A word used to express joy
Sally: "hey tony let's fuck!"
Tony: "HUZZAH!!"
by ruby March 03, 2003
260 171
An exclamation of joy. Not used as much as it should (it's so much fun to pronounce). Mostly used nowadays by Mr.Burns and other Matt Groening characters.
"Well huzzah, huzzah. I'll just throw back my legs and pollute my britches with delight."
-- Mr. Burns
by washboard player October 16, 2008
111 38
exclaimed after accomplishing a great feat, defeating a challenge, before attacking someone,
after beating someone in pool; Rob exclaimed HUZZAH!
by Rob January 07, 2004
46 13