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Used primarily, it seems, in the middle ages, it is/was used to express joy.
Ye olde renaissance fair is in towne! huzzah!
by Hanami September 18, 2003
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, an old TV show from the mid-90's. Now almost only to be found on the internet
Anyone know where AoStH eps are on the 'net?
by Hanami October 11, 2003
the old Sonic the Hedgehog show. Used to be shown on Saturday morinings, hence SatAM. Hard to find off the net.
Find any SatAM eps?
by Hanami October 11, 2003
Japanese: A party under cherry trees
Hanamis are held in Japan
by hanami September 08, 2003
A general word, once meaning impending fire and brimstone, that now goes with anything. Most often used by Jhonen Vasquez.
"Would you like some pork? with a little DOOM on it?"
by Hanami October 13, 2003
As metioned before, the National Anthem of England. However, gaming ssems to have gotten ahold of it, and Now it is common on swords (like in Final Fantasy Tactics, And other various Squaresoft Games)
"Now we'll sing God Save the Queen for god-knows-why"

"Equip God Save the Queen, auto Regen is on it!"
by Hanami October 13, 2003
n: a very cool person, a frood. Also, a member of the band KoRn
Damn, I'm a munki!
by hanami September 08, 2003
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