Mideval/Brittish Jubilation
1) Look at that Dame in the tight corset! What a Huuuu-zzzah!

2) Tea and Crumpets! Cheerio Gov'nah! Huzzah 'nd ool of tha'!

3) Anyone pulling off a British accent: It doesnt matter what you say as long as you finish with a "Huzzah!"
-I went to the lou whilst my grandmummy snogged the Prime Ministah. Huzzah!
by Awesome-elevendy-ahundred May 30, 2011
International female deterrent exclamation. Used primarily to let females know that males have no interest in any kind of sexual activity in the near future.
While attending the party with a 5:1 women to men ratio, Joe exclaimed "Huzzah!" so he wouldn't have to worry about women talking to him. Bring on the sausage!
by TheUltimateJiggaBoomer September 30, 2010
An exclamation of joy
If one were to realise their 'ice cream dream', by licking up the ice cream they had accidentally dropped on the ground they would almost certainly exclaim 'HUZZAH!'
by Newmarch February 11, 2008
an expression used when watching a movie; when the title of the movie you are watching is said by an actor/actress during the movie. Huzzah is usually turned into a game, where the first person to yell HUZZAH! wins.
Watching the movie "The Sweetest Thing"
actor: "oh, that is the sweetest thing!"
everyone: HUZZAH!
by ian47382 October 09, 2007
a lovely word which katy-with-a-y goodrich uses all the time to express emotion.

its kind of a quality work which can be used in many different ways.
your mom is a ho! huzzah!
by deep throat September 17, 2004
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