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20 definitions by ruby

n. a person who is tan on the outside (mexican, indian, philipino) and white on the inside
Jenny is a coconut
by Ruby March 03, 2003
569 152
whatever; cool; ok; fuck it;
she said that we should do out and i was like, rago.
by ruby January 23, 2004
154 39
the name scuttle from the Little Mermaid gave a fork
I am the little mermaid, i think i'll comb my hair with my dinglehopper
by Ruby December 06, 2003
153 41
Crazyyy guitarist that plays as fast as a mother
Yngwie is a grreat guitarist
by Ruby March 03, 2003
159 69
A word used to express joy
Sally: "hey tony let's fuck!"
Tony: "HUZZAH!!"
by ruby March 03, 2003
260 171
a man or woman who likes to drink the sexual excretions of a penis.
That Jason Franks is such a "cumguzzler".
by Ruby October 05, 2002
73 33
A good retort to someone who is so ignorantly patriotic that they believe anyone who has a problem with the way their country is run or has an opinion that is different than the majority is "un-American" and doesn't deserve to live there. These people are usually in the religious right and are actually the only proof against human evolution.
Got a problem with me expressing my opinions? FUCK YOU, MOTHERFUCKERS. Go back to church.
by Ruby September 20, 2004
74 41