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Doukutsu Monogatari(A.K.A. Cave Story) is a freeware side-scrolling game in the syle of Zelda, Metroid and Wonderboy.It was written and designed by Studio Pixel originating from japan released in 2004. took 5 years to make. it has been critically by gamers and reviews over the globe. featuring large free roaming environments, vastly different weapons and 3 different endings. if you have not played this game play it now!

Also Variant games have secured the rights to publish the game for PSP
Ed - OMG have you played Doukutsu Monogatari?
Dav - No why?
Ed - FOOL! play it now! you only have a short time to live
Dav - So
Ed - your life is unfulfilled unless you play it!!!

Doukutsu Monogatari is the best game ever!
by Ewan Cutler May 25, 2006
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