Exclamation that Balrog shouts in the game "Doukutsu Monogatari (Cave Story)" almost every time he appears on the screen.
"Huzzah!" --Balrog from Doukutsu Monogatari
by murgo October 23, 2007
A general expression of surprise and delight, agreement, or enthusiasm, much used by awesome people in an either retro (as it is an old-fashioned phrase from the days of Merrie Englande) or sarcastic way. Also used to seal a gentleman's agreement between two awesome people.
Person A : Oh my God, How I Met Your Mother are doing a sixth season!
Person B : Huzzah!

Person A : Fetch your pitchforks. To the castle!
Persons B, C, D, E, F and G : Huzzah!

Person A : A gentleman's agreement!
*persons A and B shake hands)
Both : Huzzah!
by Taliara July 17, 2010
Positive exclamation, used as a compliment, welcome, or for general screaming.
Usually after achieving something, or getting happy about something.
Professionals in this area include:
Francis from PvP Online;
Danmanga from Otaku-Universe.
The first to ever use this exclamation is still unknoww.
hmm... HUZZAH !
by Tiago Reis February 07, 2004
An interjection used to denote happiness.
Used mainly in the UK, by the more theatrical among the population, huzzah is a synonym for "Hurrah!"

Please note, "Huzzah!" is most commonly used with an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence as part of a subordinate clause.
Sam: Oh, hi, would you like to go to the cinema with me?
Amy: Go on then... What are we going to see?
Sam: The best film ever!
Amy: Huzzah! I love that film!
by Not Sheldon September 28, 2012
Exclamation as when an individual as achieved out right victory, in other words, they have achieved god status.
"I just became the first man ever to run 26 miles without stopping... On one leg."

by Punter, the awesome November 12, 2009
A word replacing most common words for exitement or joy! :] who would say yay when they could shout huzzah?
izzy's friend: Yew are very happy.
Izzy= =D huzzah!
by Isabella[X]IPlayMario May 02, 2007
when in the event of an NRB (no reason boner) you stick your arms in the air, pause a few seconds and exclaim HUZZAH bringing the attention to your raging NRB (also used to pump up for volleyball)
by tryharder69 October 21, 2010
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