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can be a sweet heart when its just you and him, but when hes around a bunch of other people he can be a complete asshole. hes charming, sexy, has a nice body, can almost have any girl he wants, amazing at fucking. can be a total bad ass when he wants to be..or at least he thinks he's a bad ass.
krystal:"damn look at that fine ass winston over there!"

jen:"isnt he an asshole to you though?"

krystal:"only when hes around a lot of other people.."
by krissy jem1 May 04, 2010
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Any being that is filled with win and can perform insta-wins at any given moment.
Jack:Dude what do you think i should say before i die.
John:Respawn in 10 9 8 7 6 5...
Jack:wow your a total winston
by jesus kones January 13, 2009
A duck. The most awesome duck known to man-kind.
"Dude, I saw Winston yesterday!"
"Holy Flying Horses! I gotta get that duck's autograph!"
by Vice Pres of Winston fan club January 22, 2010
(verb) to ask a ridiculously inappropriate/ blatantly obvious question at the most random time.


To make an obvious point when it is totally unnecessary.
Teacher: "Do we have any little questions to raise?"
(To Winston)
Student: "Define...little"

"What type of food does a dog eat?"
(To Winston)
" thats a very vague term...define dog"

"shit! we still haven't done freshfields"
by styra November 27, 2009
Verb: The act of brainwashing or forcing someone into accepting and idea, ideal or concept using really cynical logic, like in 1984.
I am going to winston John, his smug ass is always talking about how he is going to save the world with recycling and veganism little did he know his participation in society is in itself the problem.
by singleservingfrd July 13, 2015
The mythical IT/Facilities guy who 'fixes' things that don't need fixing so they *become* broken, or who never appears at all but is always "going to be here next week."
noob drone: "GD it, why don't I have a dial tone this morning? My phone worked yesterday!"

wally-drone: "Dunno. I guess Winston fixed it."

noob drone: "Who the f*k is Winston?? I need my phone to work!"

wally-drone: "He's the phone guy! Just do your best. I think he'll be back next week."
by Willy Codewell July 30, 2012
The winstons, also known as alcoholism, is a strong dependency on alcoholic beverages. It is mainly used to describe a raging alcoholic who still manages to keep his life in order and possibly even save England from Hitler.
"Larry's got a bad case of the winstons... That guy was totally drunk when he presented his doctoral dissertation."
by Greg O'neal September 13, 2005
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