(Female) Usually tomboys, angers easy but are good loyal friends. They, ironically, usually love animals. There hard to get but worth the effort! Don't be fooled by there innocent first impression, because they can be very perverted and are not bashful to talk about dicks, boobs, sex, and even periods. They don't have secrets, but will take yours to the grave.
1: hunter is hot

2: hunter is cool

3: hunter is friendly

4: hunter is perverted
by abscond2hell+back December 07, 2014
1. A person who's primary focus involves shooting animals for a living.

2. The most beautiful girl you know (see heart hunter). She is very kind-hearted, eccentric, and maybe a little crazy. She also loves cats. And by loves cats I mean SHE REALLY FUCKING LOVES CATS. In general she is a truly lovely person. The kind of person you just simply enjoy being around.
Guy 1: I was out hunting and I saw a hunter.

Guy 2: Are you fucking retarded?

Guy 1: She was so beautiful.

Guy 2: Oh! you meant a 'hunter'!
by PleasePublishThisAlready March 17, 2013
A really tough guy
hunter is a really tough guy
by Easy Broter June 09, 2015
A man who relentlessly searches for women during the night time while living by the 2 rules which govern his life at all times:

1) Always fuck for the story
2) Never pass up on a guaranteed fuck
George I can't believe you let her go last night man
Ed I'm not a hunter like you, I can't just fuck and make her go to the bus stop after
by Mecrobe23 August 04, 2011
A guy who is manipulative, jerky, and immature. He is usually really cocky and does't find anything wrong with playing more than one girl at a time.
person 1 "Wow, that guy is mad cocky and so immature."

person 2 "I know, he's such a Hunter."
by hlolamm April 15, 2011
A name suggesting that one is in search of a soul, because he has none. In essence, a person who is a bastard and a cunt
Hunter is an ass
by sgdadvs June 12, 2015
Unisex name usually given to redneck boys, but can also be given to non-rednecks, and even more rarily a girl. If given to a girl they will often times be agrivated by all the macho-ass definitions for their name on urban dictionary.
Friend: Have you seen your name on urban dictionary?

Hunter: No!

Hunter: (looks up their name online)
Hunter: It says a man with a big cock.
by queendumbass January 04, 2015

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