Hunter is a name for both girls and guys. It's way cooler if it's a girls name tho.

Girl- normally pale, can vary from being shy and funny to badass and....well badass.

Isn't really popular, but everyone knows who she is.

Fucking amazing person.

Hang out with her as much as you can.

Guy- badass. Always. Can be shy at first or some shit but is always a motherfucking badass. Really cute.





Both- cursing.

And flipping people off.

It just comes nachi.
LE hunter- *flips over and shoves them off- RIGHT HERE MOTHERFUCKER

Bro- hunter is the best fucking bro.

Always there when you need some last minute CoD.
by Smoke_Diavol October 09, 2014
A guy who is manipulative, jerky, and immature. He is usually really cocky and does't find anything wrong with playing more than one girl at a time.
person 1 "Wow, that guy is mad cocky and so immature."

person 2 "I know, he's such a Hunter."
by hlolamm April 15, 2011
a real bitch face
hunter is a total bitch face
by swagwhore98 May 14, 2015
hunter is a really gay person that nobody likes and everybody thinks he is a highly annoying human. not loved by anyone even his mother. bad at every single sport he plays
I think hunter is gay

of course he is
by gets pussy February 06, 2015
Unisex name usually given to redneck boys, but can also be given to non-rednecks, and even more rarily a girl. If given to a girl they will often times be agrivated by all the macho-ass definitions for their name on urban dictionary.
Friend: Have you seen your name on urban dictionary?

Hunter: No!

Hunter: (looks up their name online)
Hunter: It says a man with a big cock.
by queendumbass January 04, 2015
1. A person who's primary focus involves shooting animals for a living.

2. The most beautiful girl you know (see heart hunter). She is very kind-hearted, eccentric, and maybe a little crazy. She also loves cats. And by loves cats I mean SHE REALLY FUCKING LOVES CATS. In general she is a truly lovely person. The kind of person you just simply enjoy being around.
Guy 1: I was out hunting and I saw a hunter.

Guy 2: Are you fucking retarded?

Guy 1: She was so beautiful.

Guy 2: Oh! you meant a 'hunter'!
by PleasePublishThisAlready March 17, 2013
A man who relentlessly searches for women during the night time while living by the 2 rules which govern his life at all times:

1) Always fuck for the story
2) Never pass up on a guaranteed fuck
George I can't believe you let her go last night man
Ed I'm not a hunter like you, I can't just fuck and make her go to the bus stop after
by Mecrobe23 August 04, 2011

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