(Female) Usually tomboys, angers easy but are good loyal friends. They, ironically, usually love animals. There hard to get but worth the effort! Don't be fooled by there innocent first impression, because they can be very perverted and are not bashful to talk about dicks, boobs, sex, and even periods. They don't have secrets, but will take yours to the grave.
1: hunter is hot

2: hunter is cool

3: hunter is friendly

4: hunter is perverted
by abscond2hell+back December 07, 2014
Hunter is the name for the man who will run away from their problems. He's in love with outdoors and loves to ride dirtbikes. He will like his dirtbikes more than you and oh he will remind you that everyday. He will talk to other girls while dating you and be completely unloyal. The only perk is he's hot.
Girl: "I'm dating a hunter"
Other girl: "omg you should really watch out!!!!"
by Hannah86234 June 30, 2016
A man with absolutely no self esteem. He had pasty white skin and looks like an albino frog. Most people hate him and he wants to kill himself
Guy: look at that new kid. Should we say hi?

You: nah hes a hunter
by Pq8388 July 17, 2016
A awesome kid that is really tough and has abs
"Look at Hunters abs" -Girl
by xHuntenManx223 July 22, 2016
A total bitch.
Hunter you are a total bitch.
by Suck my ass. November 23, 2015
He is a very skinny ginger who is a player but when he finds that one girl it's meant to be.
Hunter is my boo
by Gabbygmod May 14, 2015
a man with big saggy man tits
Hunter: Look at me!!!!
Nick: Stop sucking your man tits hunter.

by saggyvaginalover April 13, 2009
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