A Man with a Gigantic penis. He has cute green eyes and has perfect brown hair. He is taller than average but likes when his girls have a nice ass. If you ever find a hunter, always have sex with him.
Damn that Hunter has a big dick
by Bigweiners696969696969 November 18, 2013
The embodiment of uncertainty and confusion. Hunter is a person who is always questioning himself and the world around him in the pursuit of knowledge. Emotionally unstable as they can switch from time to time in very short successions. Mostly hides his emotions but Will be betrayed easily by those who he trusts. Romantic, can possibly be A bit narcissistic at times, but he does care deeply for others. Easily falls in Love
Do you know why the call him Hunter?

Because he is always seeking the Truth
by VindiKate November 30, 2015
a boy who usually doesn't make the first moves, and falls for the wrong girls. hunters are very tall and good looking but friendzone the wrong girls. hunters are very pure, usually white or European. commonly reffered to as a ladies man, hunters seek help and advice on girls from his best girl friend, who he friend zoned. Hunter is very dumb in the field of the ladies and doesn't pick the right girl ever.
me: "Hunter likes Jessica? she's has a thing with 3 other boys right now!
Alice: "I know, he always goes for the wrong girls. it's sad really, you're perfect for him."
me: "I really like this guy, but he isn't really making any moves."
Stacy: "God, what a hunter!!"
by bo$$bitch101 February 13, 2015
bassist in best rock group AFI hottest bassist ever
beyond words
by jessie October 30, 2003
A person that plays for the richmond lions rugby team plays wing in it. Has blond hair. Hair is long. And may or may not have a crush on nicole
Hunter:rugby was so fun last game.
Best freind:whats rugby?
Hunter:your not my freind anymore
by Hunter Patterson June 14, 2016
Hunter is a very sexy guy . He is tall and pulls all the ladies . Hunter brightens up Eveyone's day . Hunters Abbs are hot . Hunter is know for having a big booty . Hunter is also know as ( big daddy ) . Hunters can also grind .☺️
Hunters girlfriend : omg guess what !

Hunters ex : what ?

Hunters girlfriend : I'm dating hunter !

Hunters ex : omg Fr he's my ex !!

Hunters girlfriend : ok... So

Hunters ex : what do u mean I still love him

Hunters girlfriend : I don't care he's mine now honey !
by Hunter Rowland March 26, 2016
Hunter: A manly, buff guy, usually white. Hunters are ladies men, everyone likes them and admires him. He is athletic and loud and hot.
Girl: *blushes* Hunter just talked to me

Girl 2: Oh I wish he would talk to me, he's so hot
Girl 3: He talks to me all the time!

by ilovecats227 January 23, 2016
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