A Man with a Gigantic penis. He has cute green eyes and has perfect brown hair. He is taller than average but likes when his girls have a nice ass. If you ever find a hunter, always have sex with him.
Damn that Hunter has a big dick
by Bigweiners696969696969 November 18, 2013
a man with big saggy man tits
Hunter: Look at me!!!!
Nick: Stop sucking your man tits hunter.

by saggyvaginalover April 13, 2009
bassist in best rock group AFI hottest bassist ever
beyond words
by jessie October 30, 2003
a boy who usually doesn't make the first moves, and falls for the wrong girls. hunters are very tall and good looking but friendzone the wrong girls. hunters are very pure, usually white or European. commonly reffered to as a ladies man, hunters seek help and advice on girls from his best girl friend, who he friend zoned. Hunter is very dumb in the field of the ladies and doesn't pick the right girl ever.
me: "Hunter likes Jessica? she's has a thing with 3 other boys right now!
Alice: "I know, he always goes for the wrong girls. it's sad really, you're perfect for him."
me: "I really like this guy, but he isn't really making any moves."
Stacy: "God, what a hunter!!"
by bo$$bitch101 February 13, 2015
(Female) Usually tomboys, angers easy but are good loyal friends. They, ironically, usually love animals. There hard to get but worth the effort! Don't be fooled by there innocent first impression, because they can be very perverted and are not bashful to talk about dicks, boobs, sex, and even periods. They don't have secrets, but will take yours to the grave.
1: hunter is hot

2: hunter is cool

3: hunter is friendly

4: hunter is perverted
by abscond2hell+back December 07, 2014
A hunter is a manwhore. He is the guy who is always dating a girl. He's constantly flirting with girls even when he is in a relationship. He isn't faithful. Don't fall for his sweet trap because you will regret ever meeting him.
"Ugh. Don't be such a Hunter."
by PinkChickenWing August 17, 2011
A redneck with a small penis. Usually disappears when he gets a girlfriend and becomes extremely whipped causing his friends to hate him.
"Where has billy been, I haven't seen him for a long time?"

"He has a new girlfried...he is acting like such a Hunter"
by Eliza Gram November 11, 2007

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