A person who hunts.

Also a name for the most divinely beautiful girl you know. (See heart hunter) She is very eccentric, kind-hearted, and maybe a little crazy. AND SHE FUCKING LOVES CATS.
In general she is just a truly lovely person.
A common nickname for her is CatLady.
She's the kind of person you just simply love being around
Guy 1: I think I just saw an angel!

Guy 2: No, thats just Hunter.

Guy 1: Oh...
#hunter #hunting #hunt #i'd tap that #catlady #beauty #eccentric
by CarChaser March 17, 2013
Someone who says how beautiful a bird or animal is, how much they love it and how it needs to be conserved, and then picks up a gun and kills it.
Hunter: "oh man, mallard ducks are so cool. Their babies are adorable. Numbers are declining slightly, we better protect them."

*picks up a gun* BLAM

Mallard wheels out of the sky, stone cold dead.

Hunter has an ejaculation.
#wtf #kill kill kill #firing a gun #is like ejaculation #to a guy with a small penis
by HojoJojo July 14, 2012
One who habitually lies; a pathological liar. Thinks he gets women but is usually rejected. You do not want to associate with a hunter.
Larry: you abuse pills constantly
Hunters: no I don't
#pistol #faggot #cheap whore #liar #circle jerk
by TheHellaFlyGuy March 07, 2015
Hunters are very tricky they are one of five things

1. The are someone who is bi. They don't usually tell anyone but still maintains the relationship anonymously. They are usually big flirts, jokesters, annoying, but someone who you can't help but love. An amazing person with a big heart and above all a very loyal friend.
2. Or they are someone who is a Jesus freak. They shove it down people's throats. They're a hypocrite they'll tell people that's something's wrong then go do it. Someone ego know everything about the bible but picks what he chooses to live by.
3. He is extremely wild. He is pretty conservative till about sixteen then all hell breaks lose. He just all of the sudden doesn't give a fuck. Has sexy way too much and ends up having to go live with other family members due to his knew wild habits.
4.He is serious. He acts too grown up for his age and usually only cares about himself and a few others. He is strong. Someone who is literally the best boyfriend ever but can become extremely attached. He will do anything for his girl but is heavily conflicted and usually has a past.

5. Or he is all of the and takes it by spells he will act a certain way for a while then quickly change. But with all he was once a very ugly person but burst into a very sexy and attractive man.
#bi-sexual #homo hot #sexy jesus-freak #god amazing #great wild #partier strong #reliable moody #all of the above
by Miley124 June 08, 2013
A hunter is usually a young lady that is very promiscuous and thinks she is too cool for everyone else. She is usually a HUGE poser and changes her style to fit who she is hanging out with at the time. Usually a major skank as well.
Man that Hunter! is a total poser, she was a cowgirl yesterday, now she thinks she's a skater.
#skank #poser #loser #tool #cool
by Ginger91 December 20, 2010
Big Fat Blueberry, the biggest of the berries. Annoying, obnoxious, clueless, moronic, friend-less.
He's such a Hunter, no wonder he sits alone.
#hunter #blueberry #moronic #obnoxious #annoying #loser #friend-less
by GossipChick2016 September 20, 2014
(a) Extremely gay closet homosexual.
(b) An extreme jerk.
(c) all of the above.
Wow, that Hunter is being really nice to me today, I better watch my ass-hole.
#fag #gay #homo #jerk #queer
by MIDN X December 03, 2007
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