A Hunter is a very tall. A little skinny but, thats okay. A Hunter is very cute and may say dumb cute things to you. A Hunter's smile is very contagious and will cause you to smile. A Hunter may do stupid things around you because thats just who he is. A Hunter is very nice even to the people he dislikes. A Hunter is also very funny and confusing sometimes. So when you meet a hunter watch out because a Hunter is very dangerous and may steal your heart and invade your mind at night causing you not to sleep.
Girl: You were right I should have stayed away from those Hunter's
Girl 2: You fell in love with a Hunter didn't you.
#hunter #amazing #cute #tall #dangerous #funny
by Turtle144444444 January 04, 2014
Common in guys and girls names. In the case of a girl, they are usually white, smart, funny, and athletic. They are usually tall and skinny. They are very serious about their relationships. They don't take stuff off of anybody! She stands up for her friends, boyfriend, and family! They may be fiesty, and have common mood changes. Hunter's are the best people to be around or date!
Girl - My bestfriend's name is Hunter !
#smart #funny #athletic #bestfriend #girlfriend/boyfriend
by YourBeautiful April 04, 2013
The most fucking fabulous person in the world, always being a boss, and a genius, Always cares about there friends, often anti-social, Tallish, Dirty Blonde hair and blue eyes.
He is such a hunter
#boss #awesome #genius #epic #fabulous
by BOUESTEAFFS November 10, 2013
1.Girl's name also
2.A person guaranteed to make you laugh....
3.Person who likes to take your monster energy drink....
omg did you just hear wat hunter said it was hilarryus....

hahahah omg i'm still laughin i can't stop
hey look celena has an energy drink.... Run celena here comes hunter....
#energy #drink #hyper #psycho #lugh
by LenaPaige November 13, 2009
The most wonderful boy you will ever meet.
Often pale with dark hair, and they almost always have freckles!
Extremely smart, clever and witty. Always making witty and/or sarcastic remarks.

Very musically talented. Very intelligent and obsessed with reading. Always taller than you so that you have to look up to them. Extrmely trustworthy! Literally the greatest person ever--nice, funny and extremely kind. Has a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and loves scripture. Hunter is all around a really awesome person and you'll never meet anyone like him!
Person 1: I can't remember his name, but he was extremely nice.
Person 2: You must mean Hunter! He's the best!
#hunter #hunt #name #hunting #boy
by whenwillmylifebegin July 08, 2013
Hunter is a name for both girls and guys. It's way cooler if it's a girls name tho.

Girl- normally pale, can vary from being shy and funny to badass and....well badass.

Isn't really popular, but everyone knows who she is.

Fucking amazing person.

Hang out with her as much as you can.

Guy- badass. Always. Can be shy at first or some shit but is always a motherfucking badass. Really cute.





Both- cursing.

And flipping people off.

It just comes nachi.
LE hunter- *flips over and shoves them off- RIGHT HERE MOTHERFUCKER

Bro- hunter is the best fucking bro.

Always there when you need some last minute CoD.
#bro #video games #shy #adorable #hoodies
by Smoke_Diavol October 09, 2014
a redneck who has nothing to do
REDNECK: y'all im going hunt'n. OTHER PERSON: dumb ass hunter
#hunting #shooting and fishing: angling #bag #bait #big game #bite #blood sports #capture #cast
by piemaster1311 November 27, 2010
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