Common in guys and girls names. In the case of a girl, they are usually white, smart, funny, and athletic. They are usually tall and skinny. They are very serious about their relationships. They don't take stuff off of anybody! She stands up for her friends, boyfriend, and family! They may be fiesty, and have common mood changes. Hunter's are the best people to be around or date!
Girl - My bestfriend's name is Hunter !
by YourBeautiful April 04, 2013
1.Girl's name also
2.A person guaranteed to make you laugh....
3.Person who likes to take your monster energy drink....
omg did you just hear wat hunter said it was hilarryus....

hahahah omg i'm still laughin i can't stop
hey look celena has an energy drink.... Run celena here comes hunter....
by LenaPaige November 13, 2009
(a) Extremely gay closet homosexual.
(b) An extreme jerk.
(c) all of the above.
Wow, that Hunter is being really nice to me today, I better watch my ass-hole.
by MIDN X December 03, 2007
A guy who is manipulative, jerky, and immature. He is usually really cocky and does't find anything wrong with playing more than one girl at a time.
person 1 "Wow, that guy is mad cocky and so immature."

person 2 "I know, he's such a Hunter."
by hlolamm April 15, 2011
Sweet, caring girl. Not very tall, people refer to her as a cute shorty; comes across as innocent but really isnt
has beautiful eyes,normally light eyes like blue or green.
unique, outgoing, crazy, gets ALOT of guys and popular
That girl is such a Hunter!
by Jenniferrr101 October 22, 2010
a guy (or girl) that will help or make you happy at any cost. a guy that doesn't like bullies or to be tickiled, tazered or getting teased. he (or she) will perfer to be with the other gender.
that must be hunter
by jikrenuht October 04, 2011
A really fun guy to hang around with but can't keep a secret to save his life. Can lie his way out of anything but only for a good reason. Hunter is a person you can count on to get you out of a bad mood. He's the funniest guy and loves to make people laugh. Light brown hair with brown eyes. So to die for. Don't get your hopes up though when he likes someone he is careful not to reveal it.
Person#1: Wow that guy is so nice and funny.
Person #2: Yeah he's such a Hunter
by xr101555 June 08, 2013

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