A hunter is a manwhore. He is the guy who is always dating a girl. He's constantly flirting with girls even when he is in a relationship. He isn't faithful. Don't fall for his sweet trap because you will regret ever meeting him.
"Ugh. Don't be such a Hunter."
#man #whore #selfish #ugly #unfaithful #badass
by PinkChickenWing August 17, 2011
A man who relentlessly searches for women during the night time while living by the 2 rules which govern his life at all times:

1) Always fuck for the story
2) Never pass up on a guaranteed fuck
George I can't believe you let her go last night man
Ed I'm not a hunter like you, I can't just fuck and make her go to the bus stop after
#vaginal assasin #booty call #hunting #pussy #ladies man
by Mecrobe23 August 04, 2011
A redneck with a small penis. Usually disappears when he gets a girlfriend and becomes extremely whipped causing his friends to hate him.
"Where has billy been, I haven't seen him for a long time?"

"He has a new girlfried...he is acting like such a Hunter"
#racist #redneck #confederate belt #georgia #small genitals
by Eliza Gram November 11, 2007
A name suggesting that one is in search of a soul, because he has none. In essence, a person who is a bastard and a cunt
Hunter is an ass
#hunter #orange #blubbery #cock #suck
by sgdadvs June 12, 2015
A really tough guy
hunter is a really tough guy
#hunter #movie #tough #guy #real
by Easy Broter June 09, 2015
a real bitch face
hunter is a total bitch face
#bitch #face #bitch face #hunter #whore
by swagwhore98 May 14, 2015
Unisex name usually given to redneck boys, but can also be given to non-rednecks, and even more rarily a girl. If given to a girl they will often times be agrivated by all the macho-ass definitions for their name on urban dictionary.
Friend: Have you seen your name on urban dictionary?

Hunter: No!

Hunter: (looks up their name online)
Hunter: It says a man with a big cock.
#name #names #hunter #hunt #hunting
by queendumbass January 04, 2015
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