when u are really bad at something
Zach is huff at basketball
by Matt October 23, 2004
You have no skills at anything. You can't do anything right even when told distinct instructions. Terrible at life.
After the loss in the Call of Duty clan match everyone said "Jimmy you're Huff"!
by ProFaNityy November 09, 2012
Noun. Women or girls who get angry with someone they know (who could be male or female) may go into a state of huff in which they will pointedly and illogically ignore the offending person for a considerable period of time.

See also the adjective 'huffy'.
"Mary has been in a huff with Jane for oever a week, since Jane criticised her new scarf."
by Kilkrazy July 01, 2004
a female who has a big butt
Dude - That girl has a huge butt
Guy - I like huff and I cannot lie
Dude - Wow, you're cheesy.
by Iliketurds January 28, 2009
A sarcasm meaning of someone that pawns you in a video game. Basically saying that they suck while your losing.
Man you shot me in the head again!? Oh my god your so (Huff).
by Dominic Tolen September 28, 2007
1. A popular dramatic series on ShowTime.
2. To inhale sharply or deeply.
Ex. 1: Huff is the best show EVER!
Ex. 2: I'm gonna huff, and puff, and blow your house down!
by Guerilla4Eva August 28, 2006
Take in a quick, deep lungfull, in rapid succession.
"Huff a bag of dongs"
by DJ Green July 22, 2005

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