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a female who has a big butt
Dude - That girl has a huge butt
Guy - I like huff and I cannot lie
Dude - Wow, you're cheesy.
by Iliketurds January 28, 2009
1 7
A sentiment used to describe extreme frustration with a situation.
"Hey- I don't think I'll be able to go out tonight... I have a ton of homework"
by Megstr April 02, 2008
10 16
The little crease area under a woman's breast when she is wearing a two-piece bikini and there is a little bit of overlap.
Check out that hot girl with the big boobs! I bet she's got some nice huff!

Check out the huff on that one over there!
by Alvino August 14, 2007
5 11
A word used in a situation when someone wants to point out that they are sighing.
"Huff, I am so tired"
by Roolis April 03, 2007
3 9
an action that ws done in an overly confident manner
nigga dat shot was huff az hell!
Dat nigga mark think he can ball, he huff az a mutha fucka
by dame1 September 19, 2006
7 13
1. To breathe in sharply or heavily

2. A show on Showtime about Psychiatrist Craig Huffstodt who finds himself in the midst of a midlife crisis after a teenage patient kills himself is his office shortly after coming out to his parents and all the mayhem that occurs after.
The wolf huffed and puffed.

Huff is the best show EVER!
by Uma1111 July 29, 2006
5 11
When someone is unable to perform sexually.
He/she is some huff!
by DivasofDialect May 24, 2006
2 8