1. A popular dramatic series on ShowTime.
2. To inhale sharply or deeply.
Ex. 1: Huff is the best show EVER!
Ex. 2: I'm gonna huff, and puff, and blow your house down!
by Guerilla4Eva August 28, 2006
to inhale chemicals with the goal of getting high. when done with a whipped cream can, its also known as doing whippits.
i huffed a whole can of computer cleaner last night, u know- the kind with the little red straw.
by minghi April 26, 2003
Something disgusting to look at, to smell or have the misfortune to be around. Usually associated with poop.
What's that smell? Andy did you huff your pants?

That broads face is mangled and not to mention her overall huffness....she must be a loftjumper.
by tiptoucher23 October 01, 2010
lame. uncool. stupid. not popular.
That dude huff. Basketball is huff. That car is huff.
by camel weiner November 17, 2009
The word is used to describe someone who's buff but fat at the same time.
Tim: He got so buff over the summer!
Tom:But he got so much fatter too!
Tim: Then i should say, he got so huff over the summer!
by huffguy September 14, 2009
getting very angry, ready to fight or drop fisties
when you talk about that stupid stuuf it gets me mad HUFF!
by ULBinlevittown August 09, 2009
verb- to get embarassed, punk'd, humiliation by someone in the work place.
Maaaaan I just got huffed today after lunch!
by Da iPod King April 29, 2009

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