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adj, n: a piece of shit, usually refering to an automobile.
adj: That hoopdie snowmobile of yours got us stuck out here.

n. we were gonna roll downtown in d-rocks ride, but we took my hoopdie instead.
by boyd September 28, 2004
292 47
a pice of crap, usually a "car" that has two or more of these qualitys
(1) been crashed and never been to a body shop,
(2)rusted everywhere,
(3) painted with a paintbrush,
(4) home-drawn flames on the side,
(5) has faggidy rims,
(6) a wooden spoiler made in the back yard and nailed to the trunk,
(7) has racing numbers even though it couldnt be possible to race,
(8) a fake engine blower nailed to the hood
my dad's neihbor is a fool and has a MAJOR hoopdie my dad calls it the hoopdy-mobile
by Bubba2x4 April 16, 2009
49 18
a really shitty beat up car with some walmart spinning rims.
" oh shit sista i cant go get my weave done i gotta pick up da hoopdie from dre dres"
by manderbear1390 April 01, 2009
21 20
A civic. Cars that beaners usually drive
Yo have you peeped rafael's new hoopdie?
by joseph123 November 15, 2007
26 121
Terrible, bad, shity, huff, crapy, it means something is really bad if u didnt catch on
1st example:EWWw that chiks hoopdie!!!!

2nd example: O my zachy is so hoopdie at basketball its imbarassing
by Eric/Greg October 27, 2004
23 129
A really pimped out car
Ritesh's infinity is one hot hoopdie!
by Sucker Punch November 13, 2005
22 193