1. when u see a friend and give them something u have or have access to and they don't thereby causing them to get excited and say, "HOOKS!"

2. part of a statement to imply to someone that u would like them to give u some of what they got.
1. Statmore girl 1: "Hey, here's the last beer."
Statmore girl 2: "Hooks!"

2. "Hooks with the blunt!"
by CMurder July 08, 2006
Used to describe the action of one "hooking you up" with an item. Usually a cigarette, or some kind of food, but has recently been taken over by every other object. Used by stoners and everyone in Thunder Bay.
Person 1: These Pringles are pretty dece preemz.

Person 2: Man, hooks!
by IamnotfromthunderbayjkIam May 29, 2012
A bent penis.
Yo you give her the hook last night?

I'd give that bitch the hook.
by OG Leg July 30, 2008
A penis curved left or right.
Got her hooked and she love the hook
by M.o March 27, 2014
To latch-on to a gay person's anus with the index finger. The term for "hooking" originates from this. Gays prefer one finger at a time although closet gays prefer the whole fist.
Hey did you see Maurice hook that gay bloke at the beach?

by Gay Hook February 19, 2009
Hook, or to hook is when your tires grab instead of break loose durring acceleration
"My 60'time was crap cause I couldnt hook for shit."
by SATANZ31 October 14, 2006
a short, midget like being, with the heart of a warrior and a like of Texas (his only shortcoming).
Watch out for that hooks! He is spewing his pro-texan crap again!
by MonkeysAteMyLaundry April 29, 2008
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