A musical theatre production originating in England. It is essentially a theatre production of the ugly duckling, with intensified story lines and suggestive humor. The most main characters, in list of importance to least importance: Ugly, Ida, Cat, Drake, Maureen, Greylag, Dot, Turkey, Henrietta, Grace, etc.

The story is that of a very ugly duckling, who is separated from his mother, and must venture out, and on the jouney of trying each to find each other, the cat is trying to lure Ugly, so as to eat him.
by The Turkey of HONK! 2010 January 30, 2010
Top Definition
To squeeze a booby and pretend its a horn or klaxon type device...see also Hoot
Honk!!! Oooh you cheaky scallywag!
by Dr Billy December 14, 2003
The sound you should make when you squeeze one or both of a chick's breasts, preferably while in public.
"Hey baby, come here for a second... honk!"
by Titusgoldfish November 11, 2004
To puke, spew , or blow chunks
Garth : What if he honks in the car ?
Wayne : I'm giving you a "No Honk" guarantee.
by Bibble Fo Shizzle November 14, 2005
the noise mooses make
honk goes the moose
by poo February 12, 2004
A person who is so blindly devoted to something or some person/group, especially regarding sports, that they continue to stand their ground no matter the opposition.
Despite the realization of steroids, poor managing and underperformance by overpaid players, Jimmy from Brooklyn insisted the Yankees were the best organization in baseball. He's such a Yankees honk.
by J. Pink October 27, 2009
Money (particularly cash)
I was out last night, I spent a lot of honk.
by EdStrong August 29, 2008
Used to describe someone or something that absolutely sucks.
"No way I'm going to see a Ben Afleck movie. That guy honks." Another example - "Atlanta's BBall team sucks so bad, they should change their name from the Hawks to the Altanta Honks".
by Bobby Nevada December 07, 2005
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