Honk: Coined by the mighty webb, a term to describe the squeezing of a foxy girls ass, whilst simultaniously making a "HONK!" sound.
1. See that girl over there? I'd like to give her a good honk.


2. With an ass like that, you're going to get a serious honking.
by Paul, experienced honker November 29, 2005
What Nicole Kidman does when she laughs.
I just honked while I was being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres and it was so embarassing!!
by SophisticatedVanny August 09, 2005
A honk is one of those people who get up to get their overhead out as soon as the plane lands, that way getting off of the plane takes way too fucking long.
YOU FUCKING HONKS, wait to get your cooler of diet vanilla pepsi out until it is your turn to get off of THE FUCKING PLANE!!!!!
by Giefer July 04, 2004
the honk was created in 1997 by a young man called richard dugmore but was raised to another level by the king of honk robert martin who has stayed loyal to the honk since the early days.
acting silly and doing lots of funny things like going on a bus with nothing but a pair of grundles on that would be a classic honk.
by robert martin November 16, 2005
Euphimism for passing gas, i.e. farting.
Good God man, who honked? It's really stinking up the joint.
by Agent Jane December 28, 2003
The word that describes the sound that you make when having sex, also called orgasm.
Honk is also used instead of saying they had sex.
Some chick is honking in the grass with my brother. She got a nice honking ass.
A musical adapted from Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Ugly Duckling." First performed in 1993, in Newbury, this enchanting show has gone on to receive numerous accolades from the press and in 2000, the Olivier Award for Best New Musical. More recently, HONK! has become increasingly popular in the United States with a separate script written for American performers (changing some of the lyrics and dialogue to make it comprehensible to American audiences).
Shauna got cast as Ida in HONK! - she was so excited! It's a huge role.
by toastsplosion December 02, 2009

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