Noun - A unit of measurement pertaining to pie and cake, often taken by hand and eaten without utensils. The incremental tipping point when a pie or cake slice becomes too large to be considered a hunk.
I was flagged from the open bar at the wedding, so I grabbed a big ass "honk" of cake and left.
by billebllunt December 08, 2013
slang term used to order a shot(s) of Rumple Minze at a bar.

Also used to describe one's state after a night of Rumple...
Bartender, line us up a round of Honks...

HOOONNNKKK (at loud volume in busy bar to order another round)

I've never seen him that honked up before
by honkest January 20, 2011
A musical theatre production originating in England. It is essentially a theatre production of the ugly duckling, with intensified story lines and suggestive humor. The most main characters, in list of importance to least importance: Ugly, Ida, Cat, Drake, Maureen, Greylag, Dot, Turkey, Henrietta, Grace, etc.

The story is that of a very ugly duckling, who is separated from his mother, and must venture out, and on the jouney of trying each to find each other, the cat is trying to lure Ugly, so as to eat him.
by The Turkey of HONK! 2010 January 30, 2010
Follows the word Blarg in an advance alien race.
"Blarg. Honk. Honk honk. Blarg. Honk. Blarg." -Crunchbite Red vs Blue
by Poncho Fidel January 14, 2008
Honk means Halo Obsessive Nerd Kid used in Halo for a kid who plays non-stop.
He knows all of the glitches! What a fucking HONK.
by Comcasternick March 24, 2011
1. Quick sound of exasperation, or sigh at a situation that is stressful, or prolonged.

2. The honk is made by making a half grunt/half sigh type of sound.
1. Standing in a long line, such as at the supermarket, or bank.

2. Sitting in class, with 5 minutes left:
Professor: Does anyone have any questions before I let you go?

Student 1: Do we have any homework for this weekend?

Student 2: Honk!
by GrafixPenguin87 January 28, 2009
to grab a girl's tits
have u honk christine yet?
by spokesman of the urban poor December 13, 2003

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