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to blow a load over something
dude, he just honked all over her face
by honking johnnie November 12, 2011
A shorter version of the word Honky, Honkey and or Honkie (Created by Sling n Milli)
White dude: That was so knarly.
Other Honk: Yah radical.
Sling and or Milli: Honk!
by SlingOD April 27, 2011
What Nicole Kidman does when she laughs.
I just honked while I was being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres and it was so embarassing!!
by SophisticatedVanny August 09, 2005
to grab a girl's tits
have u honk christine yet?
by spokesman of the urban poor December 13, 2003
A term used to describe a mullet sporting, flannel shirt wearing, bearded lesbian that frequents message boards and posts as a man.

Honk will quickly become the most hated member of any message board and is usually banned for life.
Ever since Honk was fired from Sonic she stays on this damn message board.
Word used to beg a sip of your friend's tasty beverage.
I'm parched, can I please get a honk off of your DP?
by hopalong cassidy February 27, 2008
Things that are full of nonsense or untrue and quite often of bad quality.
"Ah, the film's shite, it's a load o' honk man."
by Ross King July 25, 2006