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The act of killing or murdering someone, but on a much Gayer scale.
"A homocide victim named lance was found the other day, his throat was slashed by his favorite 'twilight' DVD.
#gaybashing #fagsmashing #dragqueenchokeout #homosexualheadkick #doubledildobeatdown
by Cartooninator January 28, 2011
the act of killing homosexuals
there was a homocide at the gay faggets club
by smart guy April 18, 2004
The act of a human killing another human.
News reporter:
In other news there has been a mass homocide of pregnant teenage girls across America. Their bodies were found in a lake.
#homocide #murder #kill #human #violence
by Insidae June 06, 2011
A death by homosexual act. Either a murder, suicide or accident
Captain Dave: Detective, I want you to go downtown and investigate the detah of that gay fella who choked on that horses cock
Detective Pete: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have ourselves a homocide
by Shouty McShout April 11, 2005
When a girl is giving a guy a blow job and he duct tapes her head to his body while in the deep throat position. Thus killing her.
I'm def using the homocide on this chick tonight.
#murder #sex #blowjob #homocide #duct tape #deep throat
by Tim007 October 29, 2007
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