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Fear of homosexuals, usually found in guys. Truthfully makes no sense, considering lesbians are homosexuals. Can we say "double standard"?
Homophobic Guy:John is such a fag. Lets
go beat him up!
2nd Homophobic Guy: Nah man, lets go
ask Jane and her gilrfirend to let
us watch them have sex!I love
by loser December 30, 2003
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Someone who disapproves of homosexuality because they are disgusted by the act of two people of the same gender having sexual relations but claim that the reason of their disapproval is because it says something in the Bible.

John; "Gee Roger, you sound awfully homophobic."
by ih8uplzdie December 18, 2004
Golly, this is something that I really hate. It is a flaw in society, to judge others for their love life, their taste, and their lifestyles. Homophobia is a fear of homosexuals (homo--man; phobia--fear) and some may not except gays and lesbians because they never met any, they think it's disgusting, or usually, they are bible thumpers. Most of the time, I think people that are homophobic are close-minded and can't accept others for being different. I'm heterosexual, I don't see anything wrong with homosexuals, but some homophobs tend to be scared of them obviously and literally.
Matt: "Your gay!"

Lexine: "Well, your a close-minded idiot!"
by Pissed Off†Liberal Jerk Off March 18, 2005
A person who is scared of homosexuals. They usually try to justify their bad behavior with half-assed arguments about nature, AIDS, and God. they are mentally lazy.
Guy 1: I hate them homosexuals. What they doin' is not natural!!! You don't see other animals being homosexuals!!!

Guy2: Yes you do! all kinds of animals are known to have homosexuals among them.

Guy1: It's not NATURAL!!!

Guy2: Whether it's natural or not has little to do with it. Poison is natural, does that make it good? What's your point?

Guy1: Well, uh, uh, it's against GAWD!!!

Guy2: you're homophobic.
by Jennifer93 August 11, 2006
1.Christians/Roman Catholics afraid of same sex marriage

2.Jocks and 'cool kids' who want to keep a good reputation


4.The general American population

5.God (apparently)
What is wrong with this sentence?

Im a cool American christian republican and a homophobic

It's redundant.
by The caring Athiest June 21, 2009
Common term for an explicitly anti-homosexual person. Oftentimes, a self-loathing person confused and frustrated with his latent homosexuality who needs constant reassurance that he's straight. Too dumb to realize that being gay doesn't mean having to be a promiscuous clone of Bobby Trendy who makes annual summer pilgrimages to Fire Island. In these cases, said individual will continue to gay-bash until the second before he comes out of the closet.

Examples: Alex Watson, BS, the UD Terrorist(s), Bumkicker Slade, Jeff Gannon, Roy Cohn, Arthur Finkelstein, Axl Rose, etc.
George Carlin said it best when he described the scenario in which a repressed drunkard out with his buddies says, "I love you guys."

Followed by: "But that doesn't mean I'm queer."

Followed by: "In fact, I HATE queers!"

Ending with: "You know what, let's go out and KILL some queers!"
by Touch me and you die, BS May 22, 2005
Some one who claims they are scared of gay ppl but are really hiding their true feelings
my cuz is homophobic but i think hes really gay
by Landensmommy! November 21, 2007
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