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Only the Hottest man to walk this planet...
Dude that white guy in Coach Carter was hot as hell...
Wait til you see his package on
by Chexy February 06, 2005
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Model/Actor that is actually smart and can read. Was on "CSI", "MTV's Fashionably Loud" and will be on two upcoming episodes of the OC.
Channing Tatum
by Diane February 12, 2005
Cullman County, Alabama born - Mississippi raised boy.
From Glenville, West Virginia State College Football Player to Model now Actor.
Good looking, now trade marked for his shaved head and impressively sculputed body ( not to mention jaw )

A : Have you seen Step Up?
B : No... Y?
A : There's this Guy... Channing something........ he's incredibly hot
B : ... Wide jaw?
A : ...yeah? Y?

B : Channing Tatum, and no I haven't
A : then ...
B : She's the Man, Duke Orsino
A : OOOOOOOO... You know he could be a model
B : haha... funny you should mention that...
by 0486 May 19, 2007
A tight wrinkly schmorgishborg of bacterial infection on the genitals.
Symptoms included: drippy dick, mould spores and gangnam stile
That bitch I hole banged last night gave me a vicious Channing Tatum

I tried the Dick Soak Method and it gave me Channing Tatum

I got real dick burn happenin!! I think my Tatum is Channed
by Jiggle me dick May 02, 2013
Tater tots smothered in chipotle and served smashed, via a hammer (to exemplify how retarded Channing Tatum is).
Dude, I could go for some Channing Tatums right now.
by theretardedchef March 06, 2011
Actor who appeared in movies such as Coach Carter, She's The Man, and Step Up. As sad as this makes me, Channing is bisexual, and said he has been in relationships with men before.
Did you see that new movie Step Up? Channing Tatum is in it.
by Alexxi August 20, 2006
An actor/model known for his "questionable" sexuality and for his bizarre jaw that looks like that of a bull terrier. Teenage girls with an IQ below 85 are known to be very obsessed with him and often say things about him being so "HOTT!!!" on their Myspace profiles and via IM.
Stupid Girl: OMG Channing Tatum is lik so hawt I want to marry him and have his babies <3 <3 <3
Smart Girl: OMG you have an IQ of 60. Your too stupid to even realize that he is into guys not women.
by footballer7022 August 21, 2006

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