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The uncontrollable desire of a homosexual to do really gay things to another person. This word can be used by gay men and lesbians alike.
Dude, Channing Tatum is so hot, if I ever saw him on the street, I'd totally go homocidal on his ass.
by Slanket April 25, 2009
A homosexual person who thinks about suicide
1: Hey where's Greg?

2: He stayed home tonight. He wasn't feeling right.

1: What is wrong?

2: He just came out of the closet and now seems to be homocidal.
by urbnskoolhomies January 19, 2012
A mentally unstable homosexual who has the uncontrollable urge to commit mass murder whilst riding a Segway and wearing banana shorts.
Brandon: "you're homo-cidal!!"
Richard: *glares* "where's my Segway?"
by anonymoushomosexualteenager November 21, 2011
A person who relentlessly hates gay people and seem to contemplate killing them
Guy: I don't understand it, his Dad is gay yet he seems so homo-cidal
Guy #2: Excactly...
Guy: Oh...
by Taveon March 10, 2008
any homosexual that demands and/or assumes everyone else in the world is gay.
for example, the HOMOcidal person is at a party and there is always the gay man or woman hitting on everyone and everything.

Straight woman: No, I have a boyfriend.
by sdjflkajldsjk May 20, 2007
A queer male who makes a habit of killing non-queer males. Prefered method of attack is limp-wristed slap. Can usually be fought off with a solid punch to the face, but not a kick in the balls. That doesn't work on gay guys. Duh.
Regular Joe: I kicked that fag right in the nuts because he was going homocidal on me.
Regular Joe 2: Well, what happened?
Regular Joe: Surprisingly, nothing. He said "THAT DOESN'T WORK ON US! WE'RE GAY!" and tried to slap me.
by Homocidal November 10, 2003
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