Someone who lets any old color pencil into their sharpener.
Sharkeshia: I heard Antwan's bitch fucked his bestfriend, Lebron

Dolkeshia: What a HOE!
by bishes_gone_be_bishes July 09, 2015
Its 3:10 a.m. and I'm pretty sure I'm looking for one. Most likely you are too. However, the catch is if you are a farmer. In that case, you are most certainly looking for two different hoes. But seriously, one is responsible for the agricultural movement that occured around 4000BC, allowing man to efficiently grow massive quantities of crops. The other hoe also came to existance around 4000 b.c, allowing man to contract massive quantities of STDs.
I would love to hoe this fertile land
I would love for this hoe to get the fuck off of my fertile land

I spent a lot of money on this hoe but I got some nice crops
I spent a lot of money on this hoe but I got some nice crabs

This hoe works the land real freaky nasty good
This hoes works the land really nicely
by PWJ December 01, 2007
A long-handled gardening tool used to break up soil prior to planting. Commonly confused with "ho"; another word for whore. Can be used for either males or females, but is more commonly directed at the latter.
"That's a fine hoe you got there? Mind if I try 'er out?"
by Bot. November 30, 2011
(The House of <Epicureanism>) community in Seattle, WA. focused on friendship, art, good times and expanding business connections. Motivated hustlers comprised of hip-hop heads, playwrites, actors, musicians, taggers and artists - a truly rounded family.
Those H.O.E. boyz are crazy!
by H.O.E. B November 16, 2006
gardening tool; used to smoothen your garden for flowers :D
Me: Hey Hoe
by Kaylajkd June 30, 2010
1. (noun) A farm implement used to plow the soil.

2. (verb) To till land using a hoe.
1. Do you own a hoe?

2. Will you help me hoe that plot?
by Thatrandomguydownthestreet January 05, 2014
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