A gardening tool, not a "easy" or "slutty" girl. Know how to spell it before you say it.
*on I.M*
Jim: "Dude, Lily is a fucking hoe!"
John: " She's a gardening tool?"
Jim: "No, she's a hoe!"
John: "Well a hoe is a gardening tool, I think you're looking for 'ho' "
by Your darling mother<3 June 28, 2010
a woman who will fuck anyone and is very easy
look at that trashy ass hoe
by Terek Campbell March 02, 2005
(The House of <Epicureanism>) community in Seattle, WA. focused on friendship, art, good times and expanding business connections. Motivated hustlers comprised of hip-hop heads, playwrites, actors, musicians, taggers and artists - a truly rounded family.
Those H.O.E. boyz are crazy!
by H.O.E. B November 16, 2006
Someone who lets any old color pencil into their sharpener.
Sharkeshia: I heard Antwan's bitch fucked his bestfriend, Lebron

Dolkeshia: What a HOE!
by bishes_gone_be_bishes July 09, 2015
gardening tool; used to smoothen your garden for flowers :D
Me: Hey Hoe
by Kaylajkd June 30, 2010
1. (noun) A farm implement used to plow the soil.

2. (verb) To till land using a hoe.
1. Do you own a hoe?

2. Will you help me hoe that plot?
by Thatrandomguydownthestreet January 05, 2014
miley cyrus/ hannah montana
'omg look at that miley cyrus over there'
'miley cyrus is such a hoe'
by stephanie tanner April 25, 2008

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