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The act of letting a log sit in the toilet long enough, so that when someone goes to flush it, it explodes into a crap hurricane, and releases a foul odour.

When you are planning to visit someone's home. Hold your bowels for as long as possible to form the largest log you can. When you get to the house, pick a good time to shiftily slip into the bathroom and lay it out. Don't flush the toilet! Try to keep people away from the toilet all night so the turd has time to sit. If it sits long enough, when someone finally goes to flush it, it will explode into a crap hurricane and release a foul odour.
He is planting, She likes planting, planting makes me happy
by BEWARE OF SHAWN March 04, 2009
When you plant yourself face first into the ground with your ass up in the air, arms flat on the ground. Looks like you just ''don't a fuck, and you gave up on life''. More common among drunken douche bags which could count as a new meme, or faith hilling.

This can be applied on the grass after you missed a football catch from a friend.
Middle of the road or street (Don't do that you idiot).
On top of a car.
On top of a fat chick sleeping.
After being rejected by a bitch.
At the gym in front of a muscle dummy.
After realizing, banging that fat chick wasn't a good idea.
After any type of failure, and you just give up.
by thatdouchebagyouknow May 28, 2012
Running with great force and jumping against an elevated flat surface while horizontal.
John went planting
by _Johnny-boy July 30, 2011
the act of going onto video chat websites and insisting the broadcaster to show themselves with plants. This will normally confuse the broadcaster as that is not their primary reason for broadcasting.
Alright guys, time to go planting and confuse these women!
by I_LovE_Ej July 29, 2011
When one spreads the asscheeks of another and allows them to plant their anus directly on the face, for pleasure.
John had a sore jaw from the planting that had taken place last night.
by kolkolkol January 05, 2012