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To make fun of someone, to make a joke out of them
"He got raked so much last night he nearly cried."
"i'm gonna rake him about getting wasted last night so much"
by JammyBambi March 23, 2006
To have a suspension setup that makes the rear of the car sit higher than the front by a decent margin.
Look at that Hemi 'Cuda, it's raked as can be with those massive drag slicks.
by ._. August 23, 2007
Term used by online Dota terrorists. The small group originated on DotaCash. When they slay a "nerd", the word is endlessly spammed by them as a way of intimidation.
by Catcloud July 24, 2014
To be sodomized by a rake normally, but not always, willingly.
"Man, Julie Raked me so hard last night."
"Did you...did you want it?"
"Of course man! You know rake should always be consensual!"
by The Great Green One June 01, 2013
Getting super fucked up; getting drunk; bitchin' drunk; messed the fuck up; sexdrunk !
"Let's get fucking raked tonight!"
by mrs.raked January 13, 2010
To be stoned/intoxicated to the point where you walk into everything or everything you touch falls over on you, esp. rakes
That guy was SOOO raked last night.
by Tako May 31, 2005

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