What santa actually means when he says ho ho ho.
A garden implement and a form of pleasure.
Santa is calling his three magic hoes

I like to hoe the ground on my garden
by Professor Zhang July 13, 2015
a gardening tool not a woman
i raked my garden with a hoe. while my ho was watching
by brofessional March 24, 2009
A garden tool
Farmer 1: "Wheres the hoe for the garden?"

Farmers Wife: "The hoe is in the shed honey."
by Don't mess with DaBoss February 25, 2011
Short speak referring to a Chevrolet Tahoe
Hey man, we gonna hop in my Hoe and head to the club.
by Sentinel1759 July 09, 2009
1. (correct) gardening tool. often used to purify soil

2. (incorrect) many times this world is confused with its homophone ho,( a woman prostitute) even many people here seem to think so. this is not the case however hoe is NOT a prostitute. the word ho (prostitute) comes from the word whore. shorthand, W"ho"re
1. where is the ho lets tilt the soil?

2. idiot: wheer is the hoe
not an idiot: in the garage where u left it the hooker u rented is upstairs tho.
by In my Pants June 08, 2005
the phenomenon that occurs when you look at a digital clock upside-down at 3:04. This exact time of day is referred to as "hoe"
student 1: dude, its hoe
student 2: hoe, sweet
student 3: HOE!!!!
teacher: HEY! KNOCK IT OFF!
by dkskd September 02, 2006
a woman who will fuck anyone and is very easy
look at that trashy ass hoe
by Terek Campbell March 02, 2005

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